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Not a One-man Army 

The Lord has called you to a specific realm and specific battlefield where you are prepared and have all that you need to win it. So, do not get distracted on the realm that is happening around you, on the battles that are not yours that are your spouse’s (that is the hardest one there) or your friends around you. You cannot carry their shield, nor can they carry yours!


So, stand in the grace that the Lord has given to you and take hold of the armor and the tools that the Lord has called you to take. While you rest in your grace, you will be able to stand and operate in the anointing that the Lord has given you. But, while you try to flow in someone else’s grace, you will just wear yourself out, get tired, frustrated, and all around become a person no one wants to be around.

Let go of the burdens that weigh you down and make you crabby. Take hold of your grace and trust me when I say that things will get a whole LOT easier. #FindingYourGrace!

So, now that I’ve got you, feel inspired! Before you go, I wanted to give you, as a Fivefold Ministry Campus associate, a heads up on some changes that are heading your way!

So, right off the bat for the  FIRST TIME EVER, we have now started a monthly payment plan on Campus that will give you access to ALL COURSES on Campus. That’s right - all of them! We have been working with a lot of leaders, and we wanted to give you the opportunity to work through and glean all you can from these courses. 


Also, we want to bless you with the opportunity to help you find your place and to grow in the call God has given you. To do that, for a limited ONLY, we are offering a free fivefold ministry evaluation, so that we can help you identify your call and see where the Lord is leading you and how we can help.

You can call me directly at my number: 1-760-690-3594


To take part in this rare opportunity, just give me a call personally, and I will help take you through this evaluation over the phone. The evaluation will take anywhere from 15-20 minutes.

Also, on top of all this ongoing goodness, starting next month, we will be releasing a brand new course that will only be available on Campus. 

We will be sending out an announcement as the course becomes available!


These are some of the main changes we have going, but keep your eyes peeled! For know that Austin and I are here for you, and we are always willing to help you through. So, if you need any help, or need us to stand with you, our door is open to you.

In His Love and Joy, 


Jessica Toach  
AMI-Campus Principal

Apostolic Movement International

Phone: +1  (760) 690-3594 
(Monday-Friday 9am-5pm PST)  


In case you missed the announcement, you have the chance to receive  a daily training session by one of our AMI Trainers, or the Apostles and Founders of the AMI Prophetic School themselves.

Join in  LIVE every day, Monday - Friday, at 4:30 pm (California Time) at this place: