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Meeting You at the Finish Line

I like using races as metaphors for the ministry training because it feels like a race sometimes. More accurately the training sometimes feels like a Cross Country race, it's a long endurance heavy race that you need to continue to push through with. It's never about how fast you can get through it, it's about running this race properly with your eyes not on your position, but on the finish line ahead. 
The reason I mention position is to remind you, we all run this race side by side together. We are not competing, but working together to finish this. When one of us falls, another should be there to lift them up and carry them. 
It doesn't even matter why you joined the Campus, whether you are in one of our other schools getting an extra course here, a leader in a church wanting to teach their congregation something new, or you were just wanting a taste of some of the intense Prophetic lessons before transferring to the Prophetic School. We still run this race together. 
You are not alone, your fellow associates, the Fivefold Ministers, and the two of us are with you. When you fall we will be there to pick you back up, and if you are lost we can be there to give you the directions you need to find your way! 
So, are you lost? Did you fall? Reach out to us. As Principals of this Campus it is our responsibility and sincere joy to see you succeed and become the ministers God has called you to be! Even if you are only being 'borrowed' by one of the other schools for one course we will make sure you get what you need for that one course! Give us a call, write in, we'll be here to help you out!
With that said, pace yourselves everyone. We'll see you at the finish line! 

Jessica and Austin Toach  
FiveFold Ministry Campus Principals and Coaches

Apostolic Movement International

Phone: (760) 690-3504
(Monday-Friday 9am-5pm PST)


Prophetic Special Forces
GOD has called and chosen YOU to become one of His mighty men, but even in the Scriptures, we see how David's mighty men knew their way around a sword and spear.


They had a reputation of the battles they faced and the beasts they defeated. Bottom line - they had some TRAINING before they became one of the mighty men.

Join the ranks, the special forces are calling you...

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