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Are You Battle Ready!

After two months in South Africa, where it was the beginning of summer and every day was usually 28-34 degrees Celsius (82-93F) it was bit of a shock when Apostles Craig and Colette, along with my husband and I, landed in Switzerland at the beginning of winter and were welcomed with brisk 4 Celsius (39F) weather.

You see, we knew two months in advance, that we should be leaving summer for winter, but literally, overnight, our season changed and we went from summer to winter - it was a bit of a shock.

This is what it is like when the Lord changes the season you are in. He warns you ahead of time, He says, "My Child there is a change coming so get ready."

However, most of the time you say, "Oh that is nice Lord, I cannot wait for this new season." And you wait around for it to pass, and then are so surprised when you are suddenly in the middle of winter and you do not have warm clothes to combat the weather or a weather proofed home to take care of your family.

Well, Child of God, it is time once more, for a change of season because God is about move greatly in your life - but I dare challenge you: Are you battle ready?

Do you have the training you need? The tools, the weapons, the teachings you need in order for you to actually take on this new season of the call on your life?

Get Battle Ready

God has sent out His decree, so we are here to help you to truly be ready for this change in season.

For ten days starting on Monday (November 13), the purchase of the following courses will include all textbooks for free in the form of, e-books, mp3s and mp4s (where applicable).

These are the courses we are offering the free textbooks for:

1. Spiritual Warfare for a New Generation
2. Prophetic Training
3. Preaching and Teaching
4. Mentorship 101
5. Prophetic Warfare
6. Work of the Ministry

All you need to do is:

a. Register or Log in to AMI Campus. (
b. Select one of the listed courses above.
c. Purchase the course or courses and you will automatically get the download links for each study material.
d. Then click (or tap) on the link, download your product, and get studying!

You were called and chosen to do a mighty work, you have not been called to sit around and "wait" for the seasons to change - you are meant to prepare and help bring about that change.

Rise up, leader in the body of Christ, and prepare for the battle that is coming and use the battle plans God has given you.

With Much Joy and Blessing,

Michael & Deborah-Anne Velthuysen
Prophets and AMI Ministers
Apostolic Movement International


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