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Your Mind is the Picture!

Let me paint a picture for you - a picture is worth a thousand words: When you read the bible and the parables that the Lord used in all of His teachings, what pictures or visions do you see?

What pictures did your mind create and what all happened as you were reading along each scripture as they followed on one by one? Did you see how Jesus sat at the table while breaking the bread with His disciples? Were you able to see the fishermen on the boats, catching no fish whatsoever? Or even see and feel how it was when Jesus was crucified for you and I?

That right there, is just some simple examples and pictures to imagine. I wrote them with barely any emotion, yet how emotional are those situations and the stories that you read in the bible?

You see, it is the same in your own life; when Jesus spoke to the people using allegories and parables, they liked to visualize what they are being told, and what that story entails is up to the person telling it. You see, you are the listener, who will take what that person has just told you and create a vision or a beautiful picture to go with it - depending on if it was a good or bad story in the end.

Jesus works with you the same way. He will speak with you and tell you a story about your life of what you are going through and then paint a picture for you, so that you can see the vision with colors and everything in it.

When you pray to the Lord, the best way to hear what He has to say, is to just sit and close your eyes and picture what you are being told.

Picture everything that the Lord is showing you in the vision- Picture the river streams flowing down the mountain, picture the ground breaking right next to you, hear the sounds and the rocks crumbling as you tear down those strongholds.

In doing this, you have just opened your heart to see visions and to see the Lord?s plan over the situations you are praying about no matter what it may be or how it involves you.

Get Your Mind Ready - Everyday!

This is a daily task, not just a once off thing. Every time there is a problem in your life and you do not know how to overcome it, there is an answer - through Jesus and spending time in your prayer closet, really taking time in His presence, so that He can reveal to you the visions and the guidance you need to carry on.

Jesus wants you to overcome, He has all the right answers just for you and what you can do! The Lord might paint a picture for you, but that is exactly what you want Him to do. To give you a visual of where to go from there!

So, I encourage you today, to get into your prayer closet and start picturing what the Lord is showing you.

You were called and chosen to do a mighty work, you have not been called to sit around and "wait" for the seasons to change - you are meant to prepare and help bring about that change.

Rise up, leader in the body of Christ, and prepare for the battle that is coming and use the battle plans God has given you.

With Much Joy and Blessing,

Michael Velthuysen
AMI Campus Principal
Apostolic Movement International


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