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Answers to Multiple Choice Questions

You will find all the answers to the multiple choice questions of the lessons in the Prophets in Action Workshop here.

Lesson 1 Multiple Choice Question Answers

1. What "Key Principle" is found in Chapter 09 of Prophetic Functions in regards to the purpose of tongues?

>>>a. "As a Christian speaking in tongues is powerful. As a prophet it is invaluable"<<<
b. "You cannot walk your prophetic call without speaking in tongues"
c. "There has come a time in your spiritual walk when you stop and feed your spirit, so you can feed others"
d. "As you start speaking in tongues, you get rid of all the junk and start to fertilize your spirit"
e. "Keeping your spirit fit is the same as in the natural - You have to keep going to the gym and put the effort in"

2. What does speaking in tongues do?

a. Builds up your spirit and better authority in spiritual warfare
>>>b. Builds up and cleanses your spirit<<<
c. Cleanses your spirit so you can give prophetic decrees
d. All of the above
e. None of the above

3. What is the use or uses for speaking in tongues?

a. Spiritual Warfare
b. Issuing Decrees
c. Releasing Angels
d. None of the above
>>>e. All of the above<<<

4. What picture did Colette use to describe when you send forth the angels?

>>>a. The worship angels singing and the warrior angels sitting around the coffee machine<<<
b. The warrior angels standing at attention waiting for your command
c. The angels in heaven wondering around waiting of the Lord's command
d. The worship angels worshiping, entertaining the warrior angels while they wait for a command
e. None of the above

5. What is the first thing you learn in chapter 09 of Prophetic Functions?

a. What the purpose of Tongues is
>>>b. That it is the language of the spirit<<<
c. How to tap into your inner bodybuilder
d. The uses for speaking in tongues
e. How to build your spiritual windmill

Lesson 2 Multiple Choice Question Answers

1. What allegory does Colette use to describe prophesy?

a. A gentle breeze
b. A microphone
>>>c. A hot-air ballon<<<
d. A telephone pole
e. None of the above

2. True or False: you prophesy by interpreting a vision to what you think it is.


3. When should you stop prophesying?

a. When you run out of words to say
>>>b. When the Lord stops talking<<<
c. When there is no one to prophesy to
d. All of the above
e. None of the above

4. When should you prophesy?

>>>a. When God gives you something to say<<<
b. During a the message
c. When someone says "God has given you a word"
d. When you have nothing to say
e. When God has given you the full word to speak

5. True or False: Any believer can prophesy, from two-year-olds to sixty-year-olds, and it is not based on how mature you are in your walk or calling with the Lord.


Lesson 3 Multiple Choice Question Answers

1. True or False: A vision is simply a picture in your mind?

a. False - A vision is something that the Lord brings from your spirit only.
b. True - Visions are pictures you get wherever you go and think about something.
c. False - Visions are full scenes with sights and smells that lead you to the throne room.
>>>d. True - A vision is simply a light that the Lord uses to illuminate the path in front of you.<<<
e. False - God does not use symbols from our head, but will only give you new symbols from your spirit

2. According to chapter 08 of Prophetic functions, as a prophet, what anointing do you flow in when you use visions?

>>>a. The gentle breeze Jesus<<<
b. The external anointing
c. The voice of the king
d. The internal anointing
e. None of the above

3. Why are visions so important?

a. Because Christ spoke with pictures
>>>b. Because it is easier to remember a word with a picture<<<
c. Because your are blind without visions
d. All of the above
e. None of the above

4. True or False: When you are having a trance vision, the Lord suspends your senses, not because He wants you to have "holy" experience, but because He wants you to put aside your own ideas and listen to what He is saying?

>>>a. True<<<<
b. False

5. What "Key Principal" did Colette share that warned you about watching for deception in visions?

>>>a. That it is the butcher that drives the sheep from behind<<<
b. That it is the nature of the enemy to impose
c. That you should vet your visions through a mentor or spiritual leader
d. That trance and open visions "suddenly" stop
e. All of the above

Lesson 4 Multiple Choice Question Answers

1. True or False: Unless you are speaking God's words, nothing is going to happen.

a. True
>>>b. False<<<

2. What is the function of prophetic intercession?

a. Prayer of Praise
b. Prayer of Petition
c. Persistant Prayer
d. Warfare
e. Decree
f. None of the above
>>>g. All of the above<<<

3. In chapter 05 of Prophetic Anointing, what "wrong idea" does Colette point out?

a. That you do not need more people to pray to have something come to pass
b. That you cannot pray or do spiritual intercession alone
>>>c. That one person with authority is better then many people with empty words<<<
d. None of the above
e. All of the above

4. True or False: There is no difference between prayer and intercession.

a. True - They are the same thing
>>>b. False - Prayer is addressed to God, while intercession is on behalf of God<<<
c. True - The difference comes only when you get a decree
d. False - Prayer is for when you pray for yourself and intercession is when you pray for someone else
e. None of the above

5. What "Key Principle" in chapter 05 of Prophetic Anointing explains the core of intercession?

>>>a. You do not come to the Lord with a list. You come to the Lord to get a list.<<<
b. Intercession is God's will conveyed and related on behalf of others
c. Prayers are answered when they come back down
d. Intercession is words that are sent downward
e. If you want to intercede with power, then you need to move past just praying

Lesson 5 Multiple Choice Question Answers

1. As a prophet, you have the power to speak things into existence, so what is the first step Colette tells you to do in chapter 11 of Prophetic Anointing?

a. To choose words of authority
>>>b. To drop the "blah-blah"<<<
c. To pray in faith
d. All of the above
e. None of the above

2. When waiting on God for a decree you should _______

a. Enter the Throne Room and make yourself available to Him
b. Wait for the the Lord to speak and then speak it out
c. Stop talking for a moment and listen
>>>d. All of the above<<<
e. None of the above

3. True or False: A prophetic decree comes every time you go into intercession.

a. True
>>>b. False<<<

4. Where is the best place to practice your prophetic decree?

a. When God gives you a word at church
b. During your intercession group
>>>c. In your prayer closet<<<
d. When you are ministering inner-healing
e. None of the above

5. What scripture is used in chapter 11 of the Prophetic Anointing book to describe prophetic anointing?

a. Romans 4:17
b. Isaiah 9:6
c. Isaiah 14:11
d. Job 38:4
>>>e. Isaiah 55:11<<<

Lesson 6 Multiple Choice Question Answers

1. True or False. Lamenting is one of the best ways to learn how to worship in the spirit.

>>>a. True<<<
b. False

2. What can make it hard for you to flow in the spirit?

a. Other people around you, who are going through conflict
>>>b. All the emotions that you've built up during the day<<<
c. Sin. The more you sin, the less the Lord is able to speak to you
d. All of the above
e. None of the above

3. According to the video teaching, what is a good way to help you clear out your stream?

>>>a. Speaking in tongues<<<
b. Fasting and Prayer
c. Diving into the Word and studying deep doctrine
d. Stop sinning
e. Remove yourself from worldly influences

4. True or False. When you go to worship, you should feel the emotions and the heart of the Lord Jesus immediately.

a. True
>>>b. False<<<

5. When can you be sure that you are ready to release the decrees and the words of the Lord?

a. When you get goosebumps on your arms
b. When you feel good about yourself
c. When you have been carrying a weight or a burden and you do not want to carry it any longer
>>>d. When you have picked up God's emotions and heart<<<
e. When someone asks you to pray for them

Bonus Lesson Multiple Choice Question Answers

1. Step one: When someone needs inner-healing you must ____________

a. Go to them and offer healing
b. You heal them right away
>>>c. You wait for them to ask for healing<<<
d. Give them everything you have

2. True or False: The person always know what they need healing for.


3. What is a "Blind Spot" according to Chapter 06 of the Prophetic BootCamp book?

a. When the person who needs healing does not see the hurt
b. When you get blindsided by something that comes up
c. When you over identify with the person's hurt
d. When the person uses other hurts to cover up what God is dealing with right now
>>>e. When you begin to "understand" their hurt because you've had a similar experience<<<

4. True or False: You should counsel the person first before you pray for healing.

a. True - The person needs to "see" and "understand" their hurt before healing can come
b. False - The person needs to have a conviction of their hurt before getting counsel
c. True - The person needs to know what step to take so they can get the healing they need
>>>d. False - Healing needs to come before you can deal with the "habits" from the hurt<<<
e. None of the above

5. What picture did Colette share to give you an idea of what inner-healing is like?

>>>a. Being bitten by a dog at a young age, and then fearing dogs as an adult<<<
b. When Her youngest daughter was hurt, her husband had to be cool and collected
c. When someone is cut open, they do not need you to loose your nerve
d. All of the above
e. None of the above


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