Lesson 15 - What is Intercession
By: Colette Toach
Helpful Resource: Prophetic Essentials

Apostolic Movement International - Prophetic Network Course

Apostle Colette Toach

Lesson 15: What is Intercession

Lecturer: Apostle Colette Toach

Based on Chapters 01 - 11 of Prophetic Essentials by Apostle Colette Toach

Study Note:

If I had to consider the most outstanding principle in the study of intercession, I would pick out this one point:

Intercession is not about coming to the Lord with a prayer list, but coming to the Lord to GET a prayer list.

I knew someone once who really knew how to talk! If I happened to meet them in town somewhere, I could be sure that I would be late to wherever I was going. The minute we met the talking would begin. From what their uncle said at the last family social, to how their daughter was struggling at school, to how many 'serious' pains and ailments they had suffered since we last spoke.

You know the kind of person that I am talking about! Let's not be too spiritual here - none of us likes them! They are self-centered and boring to be around. Yet somehow when it comes to prayer, you are not afraid to burden the Lord with all your cares and problems without allowing HIM to speak. I can imagine the Lord standing and listening sometimes, just waiting to say His part, but never getting the chance.

Instead you have your nice long prayer list and you are "bombarding the heavens" for an answer. In life, you should know by now, that if you are seeking an answer about anything in your life, that it pays well to listen!

If you are to become successful in the ministry of intercession it is going to require some good listening skills on your part and not just good talking skills. As a prophet this is essential to flowing in any of the prophetic gifts. In fact, if you have studied the Prophetic Essentials book, you would have read in the Prophetic Listening chapter, that there are 7 ways to hear the Lord. So let me give you a new approach to your time of intercession this week.

Personal Project

Complete this project and see how it skyrockets your prayer life to a whole new level this week!

1. Come into the presence of the Lord and spend some time talking to Him. Commit yourself to Him afresh and invite the Holy Spirit to have His will.

2. Then wait! Wait on the Lord and let Him speak. You might receive a vision or just an impression. Perhaps the Lord will bring someone to your mind. Begin to pray in this direction.

3. When you come to the point where you are no longer getting revelation or direction from the Lord, go ahead and share some of the things on your list with Him.

4. As you bring each thing to the Lord, be sensitive to the spirit.
You might find that he DOES want you to pray. Then again... if you feel that "no" in your spirit, do not push it. Leave that subject and move to something else.

As you become more aware of the Holy Spirit and His leading during your times of intercession, you will end up praying for things you never thought you would. Something new will happen every time. Not only is this exciting, but it will mean that you are truly being used of the Lord.

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