Lesson 12 - Why You Are Different
By: Colette Toach
Helpful Resource: Practical Prophetic Ministry

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Apostle Colette Toach

Lesson 12: Why You Are Different

Lecturer: Apostle Colette Toach

Based on Chapter 02 of Practical Prophetic Ministry by Apostle Colette Toach

Study Note:

I think we can safely say that the prophet is somewhat different from ordinary believers. But what exactly makes you so different? Is it because you always seem to say the wrong things at the wrong time?

Is it because you cannot seem to settle and just accept things as others do? In the Practical Prophetic Ministry book I explain quite clearly what makes you so different, but let me outline some clear points for you to keep in mind.

Point 1: You are Discontented!

This is a reality for anyone called to the prophetic ministry. You are not content with the "way things are." You want it to be different! You are restless with a church that is happy to just stay the same and never grow. You are restless with programs. You are restless with the "same old church routine."

Point 2: You are a Warrior

If there is a victim around, you want to be the first to reach out and save them. If I want you to get on your soap box and start preaching up a storm all I need to do is remind you of the many believers that have been hurt in the church and who have broken lives.

A broken life lights the fire in you to get in there and DO something about it. As a result you get into trouble... but then again, it is what sets you apart!

Point 3: You just cannot swallow the line, "That is just the way things are"

You see things differently. You see what the Lord wants to do in the church and you want to be a part of it. You want to know WHY things are like they are! And then... to make matters worse (for the complacent ones around you) you want to change them!

Point 4: Normal, What's That?

If there is one thing you are NOT it is normal. And why should you be? You have a vision in your heart. You have a desire to change the church and you have a heart to heal the broken. There is nothing normal about that and thank the Lord for it.

Keep on Being Different

No matter how much you try to hide it or run away from it, the truth remains... you are different! It is the way the Lord has made you. He has given you a heart that beats differently. He has given you a passion that others just do not understand.

This does not mean that you should give up, but it should motivate you to press forward! No revivalist or great man or woman of God ever made changes by being normal. No! They were all different. You share that heart. You share that vision.

We at GMR International Training College understand that heart. It is what we established the College for! To accept you, equip you and then show you the road that is right there for you to walk. It is time that you stop wondering about your call and it is time to accept it.

You will never be normal, so let it go!

Instead embrace the fact that you are DIFFERENT, DYNAMIC and called of God to rock His church!

Calling All Warriors

I invite you to enroll with us at Prophetic Training School. Embrace who you are and step forward. We will recognize your calling and give you the tools, then it is up to you to BLAZE A TRAIL!

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