Lesson 04 - Angels
By: Colette Toach
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Apostle Colette Toach

Seven Ways to Hear God Prophetically

Lesson 04: Angels

Lecturer: Apostle Colette Toach

Based on Chapter 07 of the How to Hear the Voice of God book by Apostle Colette Toach

The fourth way you can hear from God is by the agency of angels. In Acts 27:23 Paul says:

"For there stood by me this night the angel of God whose I am and whom I serve, saying, "Do not be afraid, Paul; you must be brought before Caesar; and look, God has given you all those who are sailing with you."

Messenger Angels

The angel of God appeared to bring him a message. I shared in our teaching on angels and demons in the Way of Blessing, how that one third of the angels of heaven are the messenger angels, the angel Gabriel being the main one. Their responsibility is to come and bring a message from God.

You say, "Yes, but that was fine in the Old Testament when the Spirit of God was not within people, when a person could not hear from God for themselves in their own heart. Yes, God would use angels then."

That is why I picked a verse from the New Testament because I knew you were going to give me that argument.

The great apostle Paul said, "The angel of the Lord appeared to me tonight and brought me a message from the Lord."

You find many occurrences of this in the Old and New Testaments. There are messenger angels. God did not make a third of the angels of heaven to sit around and do nothing. They have a job to do, and their job is to bring a message.

Angelic Influences

The way they bring a message is often a lot stronger. Do you know why? Because angels can produce an influence from without. The angels can produce an influence directly on your mind without coming via your spirit, because very often people do not hear their spirits.

They do not listen well to their spirits, or they are too preoccupied and too busy to hear from their spirits. So God brings an external influence, a messenger angel, maybe as a confirmation. God uses angels to bring messages.

In vision you might see an angel coming with a scroll in his hand, and he is bringing a message from Almighty God. Perhaps he is bringing a decree that you are meant to take and speak forth into the earth as a prophet. He is saying, "Here is a decree. God has issued a decree and He wants this Word to go forth in the earth. Here it is.

I am giving it to you. You are God's prophet. You have the authority. You have the responsibility to speak this forth, to speak a Word of creation. Now you take the decree and you speak it forth."

When you see an angel coming to you in the Spirit like that, this is what is happening. I have seen angels come with a scroll that is sealed. In most cases the scroll is a picture of a declaration which has been made concerning my own life and ministry. Then as the angel gives me the scroll, the instruction comes from the Spirit; "Break the first seal." Usually when I see a scroll like that each seal typifies a stage in God's plan.

So if I see a scroll with three seals on it I know that God is giving a three-stage plan. And He is saying, "The first stage must now begin. Break the first seal." As I break that first seal something begins to happen in my life and in my ministry, and God begins to put together something. Then further down the line the word of instruction comes and God reveals the scroll again and He says, "Break the second seal."

Messenger angels come to bring a Word from the Lord. They come to bring a decree and a declaration from the Lord, for you to take up and to put in your mouth, and to declare and decree into the earth as the prophet of God.

Guardian Angels

We all have guardian angels. You may have more than one, depending on what God's purpose is for you, what needs to be accomplished, and how dangerous you are to the kingdom of darkness. I realized once that my guardian angel was bored.

I never gave him much work to do. He was following me all around doing nothing because I was not using him. I was not speaking forth the Word of God. I was not acting in faith. I was not giving him the licence and the opportunity to do what God put him there for.

God put him there to wait on me, to minister to me and to help me. I think the first time I became aware that my guardian angel had a bigger role to play in my life was when I was lying under the car struggling, and I could not get a stupid bolt to come off. I just could not get this dumb car to work, so I cried out, "Lord, I wish there were somebody here to help me. I have to battle with this car all on my own."

He said, "There is. You just cannot see him."

I saw this vision of my guardian angel taking the wrench out of my hand and loosening the bolt. Well it did not work exactly that way, but I began to realize, "Hold it! This guy probably knows more about cars than me. Hey, he is an angel. I am sure he is pretty intelligent. I know you do not have cars up there, but he's been around me for a while. He should have learnt a bit about them by now."

I began to use my guardian angel. I said, "Father I need help. You have given me an angel. Now angel of God that is with me, help me with this thing." I kind of expected him to take the wrench from me, but he did not. But suddenly I found that I had more strength than I used to have. Suddenly I found that after battling to put this stupid thing in for hours, it just went 'click' and dropped into place.

A thought came into my mind to try something that I had not tried before, and it worked first time. Well, why didn't I think of that before? Do you know why? Because somebody put an idea in my mind.

You say, "Did the Lord put the idea in your mind?" Well, yes, but I think He used an angel to do it. Do you think I am getting carried away with angels? No, the Scripture says that angels are given to be ministers, servants to wait upon the heirs of righteousness, which is us.

God has given us guardian angels to take care of us. He has given us guardian angels to go and organize finances for us, and to arrange circumstances for us in our life. They open doors for us, and assist us, and help us to be all that God wants us to be, and to succeed in this world.

Now I am not advising you to get into a situation where you want to see your angel in the Spirit and talk to him. You could end up in deception as I shared once before in my testimony. What I am saying is that you need to be aware that help is there.

Be aware that you are not alone. Yes, the Lord is there, He is omnipresent, He is everywhere. He is in you, in your heart, and in your spirit. I like to think of the Lord Jesus sitting right there next to me and I talk to Him. But I also have somebody who has been given the job of taking care of me, and I have learned to use him.

Very often God will use the angel, the guardian angel or the messenger angel, to put thoughts in your mind, to give guidance and direction. You might be riding along and a thought suddenly pops into your mind out of nowhere. Where did it come from?

It could be an angel of God sent by the Lord to bring you a Word, a message from the Lord. It gets your attention. He put that thought in your mind. Maybe it is a warning thought that says, "Hold it. Turn left at the next intersection. Don't go the way you normally go." You have to be sensitive to hearing that voice and to understand where it is coming from.

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