Welcome to the Spiritual Warfare Training Program!
By: The AMI Team
Helpful Resource: Strategies of War

Apostolic Movement International - Spiritual Warfare Training Program

My name is Chaifa Berry and I am going to be your instructor for the Spiritual Warfare Training Program. When I came to write this course, I saw a vision of all the mighty warriors that God would gather for this course. I saw visions of captives breaking free and I heard shackles being broken in the spirit. Then I saw mighty warriors and God's people rising tall. Each one was no longer hunched over, but stood strong and tall before sprinting off into the distance.

This is a picture of what God is going to do through these teachings and lessons in the next 14 days. I want you to know that the Strategies of War is not just a book full of principles and teachings. No, this treasure of a book is enveloped with the anointing that will break the yoke of satan off your neck.

Apostle Colette is not simply teaching you, she is imparting the power of the Holy Spirit into your life. She is releasing and decreeing success and victory into your life, with every page that you read. If you open your heart to receive and add to that, application of what is being taught, by the end of the next 14 days, you would have broken off years of oppression, generations of strongholds and rebuilt yourself to be a vessel, predisposed for success.

On the other side of this journey awaits success, good health, favor, blessings, wisdom and anointings of all kinds... however, it will cost you.

It will cost you your flesh, your hurts, your pride, your arrogance... it means you cannot be afraid to look at your sin. If that is not too much of a price to pay, then you are well on your way to victory!

You can also look forward to power-packed lessons geared to build you up in faith, hope and love. Yes, we will be doing some tearing down, but we will also be doing a whole lot of building up. Expect to be empowered to tread where you dare not tread before.

I encourage you to post on the forum, contribute to the polls and stay connected to us. The AMI Ministry Team is ready to be there for you and to see you through to victory!

With Love and Blessings,

Apostle Colette Toach

Chaifa Berry
Apostle and Resident Pastor
Apostolic Movement International

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