Lesson 13 - Warfare Through Spiritual Parenting
By: Chaifa Berry
Helpful Resource: Strategies of War

Apostolic Movement International - Spiritual Warfare Training

Chaifa Berry

Lesson 13: Warfare Through Spiritual Parenting

Lecturer: Chaifa Berry

Based on Chapter 13 of the Strategies of War book by Apostle Colette Toach

Study Note:

My spiritual parents bought a brand new dryer last week. Unfortunately, the guy who installed it wired it wrong and it caused some of the parts to blow up!

It was a 220 voltage that the guy had to wire to make the machine work, but because he switched the wrong two wires around, it caused a big blow up... literally speaking!

This is just a simple illustration of how important wiring is. That is what it is like when your "wiring" is not compatible with the promises of the Lord. Every time He tries to bless you, you think, "No it is not possible."

When He says to take a step of faith, you think, "It never works out for me. My family have been failures in this area for as long as I can remember." Then you wonder why it never works out for you. You want to be a beacon of light, but a vessel that is a beacon of light is one that is full of faith in the Lord.

You see, you are perfect in his eyes, just like the brand new machine. You are a new creature, blood bought and you have all the anointing you need within you. There is so much potential, just like that dryer, but if you are not wired to receive the power and promises of God, you will find yourself struggling to be successful in life and what He has called you to do.

Spiritual parenting is likened to having the right electrician come in and give you the correct wiring. You have the parts, you have the fire, the calling and all the potential in the world, but you need to be wired correctly to be able to receive POWER and blessing in your life!

Now that you have learned how important spiritual parenting and discipleship is, let's dig deeper and see how well you've allowed this "re-wiring" to take place.

Personal Project

1. Has God put spiritual parents (or a mentor) in your life?

1a. What kind of thinking have they displaced in your life already? What are the effects it has had on your life?
1b. What other mindsets has the Lord challenged you with, that you still need to adopt from them?
1c. Why is this way of thinking vital to your success and where the Lord is taking you?
1d. Name one or two ways of thinking that your spiritual parent(s)/mentor keep challenging in you. Why is this new way of thinking important to your future success?

2. Has God called you to be a spiritual parent or mentor? If so, what foundation are you passing on to those under you?

1a. Name ones of faith, hope and love that are from the Lord
1b. Name ones that are of archetype and not of the Lord

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