Lesson 11 - Rules of Engagment
By: Chaifa Berry
Helpful Resource: Strategies of War

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Chaifa Berry

Lesson 11: Rules of Engagment

Lecturer: Chaifa Berry

Based on Chapters 11 of the Strategies of War book by Apostle Colette Toach

Study Note:

Do you know how to get good customer service? You go straight to the top. You don't bother with the little guy, you ask to speak with the manager.

He's the guy that has all the clearance. When you have received poor service on a product/service, the manager is the one who can override a transaction, he can give you a full refund and do whatever it is to make it right.

While the little guy answering the phone cannot give you what you want, the manager can. Well that is pretty much what open warfare is. You go straight to the top.

When you are calling the systems of the world out by name, you cannot be intimidated. Sure it is not just one little guy you are coming up against, but an established system of the world, with an infrastructure and law enforcement... YET with all that power, it means that by going to the top, you bypass all of the rules and red tape. You go to the guy in top management.

When you go up against these systems, you WANT the guy at the top. With the authority you have, you will not be afraid of him. Indeed, you want to address him because he is the one that can make everything else fall into line.

In order to do effective warfare, at any level, you must start thinking this way. In today's lesson, you are going straight to the top and you are going to get what you want!

Personal Project

1. Apply the "Steps 1,2, and 3" found in chapter 11 for doing open warfare:

1a. For yourself and your family
1b. For your ministry
1c. The Church universal

2. What revelation did the Lord give you?

3. Did you speak forth any decrees?

If you do not get anything, don't push out a revelation. If the Lord isn't speaking, it is okay!

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