Lesson 08 - Time to Build a New Stronghold
By: Chaifa Berry
Helpful Resource: Strategies of War

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Chaifa Berry

Lesson 08: Time to Build a New Stronghold

Lecturer: Chaifa Berry

Based on Chapters 7 of the Strategies of War book by Apostle Colette Toach

Study Note:

Up until now, we've talked a lot about tearing down the strongholds in your life. You've identified them and learned how to recognize the attacks of the enemy when they are launched. You know what they look like, what they feel like and you can see it when it comes at you.

However, today you are going to do the most exciting part of all - you are going to BUILD. When a building process begins, for a long time you do not see what the building will look like. It begins with a lot of digging. While the foundation is being dug, it is nothing but a heap of rocks and sand.

Yet, when it is time to build, that house starts to take life - it takes shape and you can SEE what it has become.

In today's lessons you are going to build! Enough plucking up and rooting out, it is time to displace and build!

Today, you become a new vessel.

Personal Project

Apostle Colette gives you 3 different projects to do in Chapter 7 of the Strategies of War book, to displace the strongholds in your life. I've included them below as your personal projects for this lesson.

Work your way through the 3 projects, spending more time on the one that addresses the strongest stronghold in your life. Don't just stop after one day of doing it, but do it weekly and daily, if you have to.

You will find yourself revisiting these projects again and again, as the Lord leads. As you build, you will be displacing the strongholds of the enemy with the Lord's strongholds!

1. The Confession Session - Displacing Fear

This will help you to get your eyes back on track again. It will deal with the fear and it will help you to build your faith again.

It is very simple.

1a. Get together with a couple of believers.

It does not matter who. James said, "Confess your sins, one to another." He did not say that you had to confess your sins to your pastor.

If there is another believer, a blood-bought child of God, you can go to them.

1b. Have a meeting and confess your sins to one another. Confess your fears and have them stand in agreement with you.

Say, "This is what I fear. This is what I feel."

By doing that, you give them license to hold you accountable and make you deal with that fear. While you are still struggling with it in your mind, you are trying to solve the problem yourself, even though you know that you should be bringing this problem to the Lord.

Confess your sins one to another. In fact, do not just confess your sins, but hold one another accountable to deal with them. That is the secret.

2. Bulldozing - Displacing Fear, Guilt and Love

With the bulldozing project you will start a spiritual hurricane. It is so easy. You take the power of speaking in tongues and the power of quoting the Word, and you start creating a hot and a cold front.

Bulldozing is simple.

2a. Take some of your favorite scriptures that attack the problem at hand, and then quote them for ten minutes.

2b. Follow that by speaking in tongues for ten minutes.

2c. Switch it, and speak the scriptures again for ten minutes.

While doing this, remember to keep your mind focused on the solution to the problem that you are coming against. What you will have is a cold front and a hot front that will start colliding. You will start feeling it build up inside of you.

It is not good enough just to speak in tongues or just to quote the Word. You have to make sure that you keep focused on the promise that God has given you at all times. Keep that focus as you are speaking in tongues and feeding the Word into your spirit.

Bulldoze until you feel a strong force inside of you. Then stand on your land and say, "In the name of Jesus, satan, I tear down every stronghold in my life." Watch things explode and change.

3. The Praise Project - Displacing Bitternes

What is your difficulty or hardship? Praise God for it.

You say, "The devil is attacking me." So what? Why should he get the glory? "The devil made me sick."

Praise God that you are sick. Why should the devil get the glory? Why should he get my faith, hope, and love? I would rather give it to the Lord.

"Lord, I thank you that I am sick and lying in bed because it gives me the five minutes of peace and quiet that I have not had all year."

Turn around your circumstance and be grateful for them. Thank the Lord for what you are going through because all things work together for good to those that love the Lord and are called according to His purpose.

Praise puts your eyes on Jesus and restores your love. You cannot sing, worship, thank the Lord, and be grateful for everything, without feeling a force of love bubbling up from deep inside of you.

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