Lesson 05 - Curses - When YOU are the Originator
By: Chaifa Berry
Helpful Resource: Strategies of War

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Chaifa Berry

Lesson 05: Curses- When YOU are the Originator

Lecturer: Chaifa Berry

Based on Chapters 2 & 5 of the Strategies of War book by Apostle Colette Toach

Study Note:

"I can do 'bad' all by myself". Have you heard that saying before? It implies that you do not need any help messing up your life, you can do it all on your own merit. That is what dealing with personal sin is all about.

It is a sinful habit that you created. You originated it, you found the seed, and you continued to water the seed, until it became a tree with established roots. Have you ever tried to uproot an old tree? It is nearly impossible. Yet, it can be done. I've seen it. It involves some heavy equipment and massive vehicles.

Just as well, we have the Holy Spirit and the power of God living inside of us. That means that it doesn't matter how long these trees have been around, in the name of Jesus, every mountain can be removed into the sea. In today's lesson, we are going to uproot these stubborn trees that have taken root over the years. These trees have taken up much soil and stolen the blessings in your life.

You are about to find out just how much room and good soil it has been stealing! Uproot one of these, and you will feel as if the weight of a house has been lifted from your shoulders and then watch as blessing pours in.

Personal Project

Take your list from lesson 1, which ones are classified as a curse from personal sin? Apply these curses to this project.

Which ones are classified as a curse personal sin? Refer to the checklist below:

Personal Sin:
I. You are the only one in your family who has it
II. You are the only one out of everyone you know who has it
III. The only other people you see it in are your children

Generational Curses:
I. Pattern in your family
II. Had it before you can remember
III. Was always with you
IV. Grew into it

Leaven of Others:
I. Curse manifested after being with someone
II. Old friends, ministers, mentors... someone you submitted to

Step 1: Go back to the beginning and repent

1. Identify the sin that keeps establishing the curse in your life. Now, go back to the very first time you made that decision to react in sin. Perhaps the sin is rebellion. Go back to the very first time you took a stand and chose to respond in rebellion. Instead of submitting to authority, perhaps to your father, who accused you unjustly, let's say you responded in rebellion. Now you respond that way to authority all of the time. It is for you to go back to the first time you reacted in sin and to repent. Don't forget to take back the enemy's license, okay!

Step 2: Change your habits

1. The most effective way to change that sinful response is to make the right decision in the heat of the moment. This is going to be a matter of identifying that moment when it is upon you and then choosing to respond righteously in that moment. Depending on how deeply rooted this habit is and how much demonic activity has been given license because of it, will make the habit easier or harder to uproot. I will not sugar coat it, this may be difficult, especially if there is a demon involved.

It may be difficult, but it is not impossible. You are not a victim and you are free to choose the Lord's righteousness. If you are sick enough of the curses in your life, then will do what you need to do, to break free. The moment will come when it feels the most unfair. The circumstance will come when you least expect it. If it is the sin of rebellion that you battle with, He will bring you the most unjust, controlling and undeserving leader that is around and the Lord will ask you to submit and honor him. He will use your spouse, who is the very one who inflicted the hurts of betrayal, and He will ask you to follow their lead and bend to their will. You will have the opportunity, in this moment, to reach out to your old familiar friend, or to reach out to Jesus.

If you choose the latter, your life will never be the same again.

It will be unfair, BUT if you pass the test, and die to your flesh, you would have uprooted such a curse in your life. You will discover that what you receive in return far outweighs the price of your pride. You will discover anointings, favor, blessing and miracles on the other side. You will be amazed to discover how much of a blockage satan has been using this repeated sin in your life, to stop the blessings of God from reaching you. You will be amazed at how much demonic activity this sin of yours, has given license to. By making the right choice, you uproot this pattern and make room for abundant blessings that have been there all along.

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