Lesson 04 - Dealing With Leaven - Curses Through Association
By: Chaifa Berry
Helpful Resource: Strategies of War

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Chaifa Berry

Lesson 04: Dealing With Leaven- Curses Through Association

Lecturer: Chaifa Berry

Based on Chapters 3 & 5 of the Strategies of War book by Apostle Colette Toach

Study Note:

For this lesson I want to include a teaching from Apostle Craig Toach. My spiritual father illustrated perfectly, how to break spiritual links after you've come under a curse, through association. For those of you in ministry, this will be a breathe of fresh air and something to apply after every ministry situation.

Dealing With A Backlash

By Craig Toach
Apostle and Spiritual Father
Apostolic Movement International

We cannot begin to tell you how many times prophets have written us and said: "I ministered to someone who was sick or in bondage and I was barely out the door when everything began going wrong in my life!" Some came down with the same physical symptoms, some experienced strife in their homes, some theft, some destruction... cars breaking down, accidents, sickness, appliances breaking, children getting hurt... the list is endless!

This article by Apostle Craig Toach specifically covers dealing with a backlash after ministering to an individual. This includes personal ministry, prayer by the laying on of hands and intercession on behalf of another.

What Just Happened?

I am sure that everyone at one time or another has taken a good hard look at the world in which we live in. You have seen the lonely; you have seen the lost and the hurting and have felt the heart of Jesus crying out to see them healed. You have said: "Send me Lord I will go!"

As your earnest cry went out, so the Lord has brought you those to whom you have ministered to. Their lives have been changed and you have seen them grow from strength to strength and you feel on top of the world.

Yet there are times when you have ministered forth and then found yourself under the greatest of attacks! It is like you have stirred up a beehive and everything seems to be coming at you. Everything seems to go wrong and you are left wondering, "what exactly happened there?" Well you have just experienced a backlash in the spirit! Today I would like to show you what a backlash is, how it happens and what you can do to stop it from happening to you.

What is a backlash?

It is a common belief that if you have prayed or ministered for someone and you come under a spiritual attack it means that you have really made the devil mad and you are on you way to victory.

You know the old idea that if you want to get honey from a beehive and you make them mad they will come and get you! That is a lie from the pit of hell and it is a weapon that the enemy is using to stop the church form being victorious.

So what is a backlash? Well very simply put, it is a spiritual attack a person will come under after they join their hearts and spirits with another person who is under a curse.

How does in happen?

Backlashes happen in two ways.

Through Contamination

The First is through spiritual contamination. Have you ever seen a blood transfusion take place? In the early days of medicine, what happened was that if someone needed blood, two people with the same blood types would be put next to each other and a tube placed into each of their veins. And so blood would be transferred from one to the other.

The problem with this was that if there were any viruses in one person's blood they could travel in the tube between them and go into the other person and thus infect them too.

Well this is what is it like when you minister to someone. In the spirit you open you heart to the person you are ministering to and link with them in the spirit. Now as you flow out to them you are doing a kind of spiritual blood transfusion.

As you minister - what is happening is that you are pouring forth the healing, revelation and anointing into that person, but because you are also opening up yourself to them and they are pouring into you in turn.

Now if you are not careful the very contamination they have in their spirit will be transferred into yours and it won't take long before you start show the symptoms. If you minister to someone with an addiction, you might find yourself craving for that very same thing. It they were under a curse in any way, you might start to see yourself come under that same curse. Now you can see why it is written:

1 Timothy 5:22 Do not lay hands on anyone hastily, nor share in other people's sins; keep yourself pure.(NKJV)

Through Rejection

The second way of receiving a backlash is by rejection of your ministry. I am sad to say that your ministry will not always be accepted. There are many reasons, but the two most common ways are either, that the person did not ask for ministry, but you ministered anyway or that they did not believe what you had to say.

What happens is that the very demon you where supposed to deal with and set that person free from, will later on attack you. You see unless the person you are ministering to closes the door to the evil influence you have no right to interfere.

Would you have the cheek to go to your neighbor's house and tell his the party guests to go home? No, you have no right and until the neighbor gives you that right, you are looking for trouble. Well the spiritual side in no different. That is why it says:

Matthew 10:14 And whoever will not receive you nor hear your words, when you depart from that house or city, shake off the dust from your feet. (NKJV)

So if you are to minister forth and help the lost and hurting, how can you do this without receiving that backlash?

How do you prevent it?

There is a very quick and simple solution that you need to follow but before I go into it I would like to show you why you need to apply this solution every time you minister forth.

In the case of the spiritual transfusion, you have now poured forth what the Lord has given you. You have followed through to the end and you can see the victory. At this point many people just leave it at that and do not take the tube that is linking them together away. So what happens is you are still linked to each other and are still flowing into each other.

You need to take that tube away and purify yourself from any contamination. Otherwise all you will do is spread it around to anyone else you minister to.

In the case of the person rejecting you ministry, they have opened the door to a curse and to the enemy. With you ministering to them you have in a sense partaken of that curse and come under it's influence. You need to get rid of that curse so that you can be free to carry on without being hindered in any way.

Well unlike the natural, the spiritual realm plays by a different set of rules. You do not have to be contaminated or come under anyone's curse! And this can be all done by prayer. Prayer you might ask? Yes it is as simple as that, no need to fast or to go into quarantine!

As you leave the home of the person all you need do is break spiritual links and renounce anything you might have picked up. A simple prayer of:

"Father I submit myself to you and break all spiritual links with this person.

I renounce any contamination or curse I might have received from them.

In Jesus' Name Amen"

By doing this you are clearing your spirit and stopping the enemy from gaining a hold in your life. If you do this every time you finish ministering will never experience a backlash in the spirit again. And should you forget to do it right away and things get a little out of hand. Well it is never to late to say that simple prayer.

You are called to be a spiritual doctor, to take care of the sick and hurting. You are called to free them from the bondages that hold them back. You have the answers they need and can fix any problem! But you need to ask yourself this question:

If even in the natural worldly doctors always look after their own health and safety first to be more affective - should you not to do the same for your patients?

Personal Project

Take your list from lesson 1, which ones are classified as a curse through association? Apply these curses to this project.

Which ones are classified as a curse through association? Refer to the checklist below:

Personal Sin:
I. You are the only one in your family who has it
II. You are the only one out of everyone you know who has it
III. The only other people you see it in are your children

Generational Curses:
I. Pattern in your family
II. Had it before you can remember
III. Was always with you
IV. Grew into it

Leaven of Others:
I. Curse manifested after being with someone
II. Old friends, ministers, mentors... someone you submitted to

Step 1: Breaking Spiritual Links

1. Identify where you opened the door. What sin did you come into agreement with, from this person?

2. Ask for forgiveness of sin and break the spiritual link. Renounce the curses that you have accepted into your life through this association.

Step 2: Identify Your Need

1. Identify why you are taking in this leaven. When you pour out, you are not affected, but when you are allowing them to meet a need that only Jesus can fill, you are taking in that leaven. Identify the need and turn to Jesus to meet it. Repent of getting that need met in the person instead of the Lord.

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