Lesson 03 - Tackling Generational Curses
By: Chaifa Berry
Helpful Resource: Strategies of War

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Chaifa Berry

Lesson 03: Tackling Generational Curses

Lecturer: Chaifa Berry

Based on Chapters 3 & 5 of the Strategies of War book by Apostle Colette Toach

Study Note:

For a long time, before I became an AMI Minister, I thought of curses as something that happens to you. It is a hex that is put on you and inflicted from an external source. However, according to the teaching, curses are self-inflicted. Curses only have a resting place when you allow it a resting place. Curses are something you choose, you pick up and you make your own. It is a child that you adopt, nurture and mature.

If you look at the original sin with Adam and Eve, sure it was satan who tempted, but it was only a sin, after Eve accepted and ate of the fruit herself, that she brought upon herself and the generations after her, the curse. It is the same with you, it brings such hope because dealing with the curse is now in your hands. You can DO something about it!

What a tremendous hope that brings. Just like you ate of the fruit, you can repent and do away with the effects of eating that fruit. All you have to do is repent of your sin. Yes, the cost is a bruised ego and a hurt pride, but that is nothing compared to theft and destruction, ruined marriages, disease, and poverty. You know, a bruised ego is not such a high price to pay, considering what you can reclaim in return.

Personal Project

Take your list from lesson 1. Which ones are classified as a generational curse? Refer to the checklist below:

Personal Sin:

i. You are the only one in your family who has it

ii. You are the only one out of everyone you know who has it

iii. The only other people you see it in are your children

Generational Curses:

i. Pattern in your family

ii. Had it before you can remember

iii. Was always with you

iv. Grew into it

Leaven of Others:

i. Curse manifested after being with someone

ii. Old friends, ministers, mentors... someone you submitted to

Step 1: Take Ownership:

1. Identify the day you made it your own. What decision did you make when you took ownership for yourself, of that curse?

2. See and taste and embrace the fact that you made it yours. It is not your mother's curse, your grandma's curse - it is YOUR curse. When you have that conviction then the power to overcome is in your hands. The power to stop the generational curse is in your power to do so.

Step 2: Apply the Blood

1. Ask for forgiveness for believing the lie instead of God. Whatever wrong decision you made, ask for forgiveness.

2. Revoke the license you gave satan. It is vital that you take back the license you gave satan.

You see, with that decision you made, you gave satan a year-round pass into your life. He could come and go as he pleased. It is vital that you revoke that license and take it back from satan. Use your authority in Christ and let him know that, that pass expires TODAY!

Step 3: Renew Your Mind

1. Identify the wrong mindsets that have given this curse a resting place.

2. Change the way you think. What does God tell you to think? Find 3 scriptures that will enforce this new mindset and meditate on them until they are solidified in your spirit. It may take days, it may take months, but you have the Holy Spirit and he can destroy the temple you have built and resurrect a glorious one that will predispose you for success.

3. Has the Lord put a mentor or spiritual parent in your life? If so, are you taking in their DNA? Are you submitting and watching them, so that the generational curses in your life may be displaced?

3a. In your own words, describe how spiritual parenting can set you free from generational curses?

Study Tip: Knowing God's Will is a perfect MP3 message on pushing God's promises and His pictures into your spirit. This will displace the wrong mindsets that keep giving room to the curses in your life.

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