Lesson 01 - That's Not Normal
By: Chaifa Berry
Helpful Resource: Strategies of War

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Chaifa Berry

Lesson 01: That's Not Normal

Lecturer: Chaifa Berry

Based on Chapters 1 & 2 of the Strategies of War book by Apostle Colette Toach

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Study Note:

I was reading about Solomon the other day and was blown away by this man. He was the most extravagant man in the bible. Just read about how he built his palace and the temple and you will see how wealthy he truly was. Nearly everything in the temple was overlaid with gold and nearly all the furniture in the temple was pure gold.

He had so much bronze in his palace that the bible said it was so much, it could not be recorded. Bronze was as common as stone to him, and there was such an abundance of it that there was no device that could measure it.

Not only was his household wealthy, but scripture says that every family under his care flourished. Every family ate of their own grapevine. In other words, they were all home-owners and they ate from the fruit of their own land. They were self-sufficient. To top it off, it said that under his reign, the people knew only peace.

Wow! What a picture of God's promise and desires for us. "Just getting by" was not part of their vocabulary. Thriving and success was the normal condition of their lives.

This is a great picture of what the Lord wants for you and what should be the norm. However, if you knew only poverty in your life, or lack or strife, those things are the norm. Lack is the norm, disfavor is the norm. Without realizing it, you have accepted a curse as a normal condition of life.

All these things are not normal! It's time to wake up and shake off the curses in your life and say, "Disfavor/lack this is NOT normal. Continual strife in my marriage is NOT normal."

The Israelites, under Solomon's reign knew only peace. How much more should you, a child of the king, under the reign of the King of Kings Himself, live in peace and victory?! Lack, strife, sickess, these are not the life of a child of God, nor is it your portion.

It is for you to stand and say, "I do not accept it and I decide today, that this is NOT normal and I will not accept it any longer!"

Up until now, satan has been dishing up all kinds of curses and you have been accepting many of them in your life. Today the first step to overcoming is to say, "No. It stops here. It stops NOW."

Personal Project

1. Go through the list of curses in Deuteronomy 28 (listed in Chapter 2). Narrow down 3 that are a continual stumbling block in your life ? those that are active right now.

2. What are the effects of these curses in your life?

When do they manifest in your life? Look for a pattern.

4. Take a moment to imagine what life would be like without these curses. What would you be able to do for the Lord? Paint a picture of what life would be like and describe it here.

Compare these curses to the kind of life that God says you are to have (get into the Word for this). What are the differences?

6. Now that you see the curses and the bad fruit that it brings, what are you prepared to do to overcome? Why do you want to overcome these curses? Write it down here. Unless you have a purpose and a goal in mind, you will not follow through.

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