Lesson 17 - The Price of Being a Fivefold Minister
By: Craig Toach
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Apostle Craig Toach

LESSON 17: The Price of Being a Fivefold Minister

Craig Toach

I don't know about you, but I have often read in the gospels of how Jesus had to minister and preach even when he was tired or grieving. I could not understand how heartless the people could be and make such demands on Him. Could they not see that He was going through things? Could they not see He needed to just be left alone?

Well, I must admit a new understanding came to me when I myself came to the place of full time ministry. Reality struck and I soon came to know what Jesus must have gone through and it all starts with something he said to his disciples: The harvest is great and the workers few.

You see the world we live in is not a pretty place and is full of problems. And just one look at the Church will show you that it is no different. We all face things every day that cause you to react in some way and you need help to overcome the issues and trails. And that is why the fivefold ministry was sent in place - for the maturing and perfecting of the saints.

You see when you are in that position you no longer have the opportunity to have a bad day or dwell days in death over issues the Lord is exposing. There are people's lives at stake and you are the answer to their prayer. You are no longer the ordinary Joe sitting being ministered to, you are the one giving out to the needs of the people.

So, today I want to encourage you to look at the trials and testing that are affronting you and see the resurrection and victory that lies ahead. For it is in these times that you will learn and use to help others overcome the problems they are facing. Then you too will be like Jesus and even in your hard times will look at the people the Lord has brought you and have compassion and love for them. You will look past your issues and reach out in love to minister to their need first. And you know what is the best part to all of this? The Lord will reach out to you and do the same for you!

And that makes it all worth while!

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