Lesson 15 - The Truth about Mentorship
By: Colette Toach
Helpful Resource: Mentorship 101

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Apostle Colette Toach

LESSON 15: The Truth about Mentorship

Colette Toach

What does it take to be a good mentor? In our Prophetic Office Training we teach our students the truth about mentorship. Below is an excerpt from the Prophetic Training Class.

May it inspire and challenge you to be the kind of mentor that God has called you to be!

Study Notes: The Price of Being a Mentor
Lecturer: Colette Toach

"...As the Lord starts bringing others to you for mentorship, you will come to understand the true price of this calling. It seems like an easy task when you stand back and watch others lead, but when the Lord places people in your hands, things are very different. If you fail with this person, then you answer to them and to the Lord. It is not just about being in the public eye and having other people respect you; it is about being a good steward.

The Lord will place people in your life for you to pour into and this is why you have gone through the preparation and training that you have. He had to take out all the thorns and the mud that clouded your own heart. If He had not dealt with those things, you would have just passed them on to others.

In the practical project below I will be asking you to break links with past mentors and to deal with any bad impartations. But look at this in your own life now. You know what is in your heart and the things that you hide from others. When you mentor someone you pour into them all that is within your own heart. So if there is bitterness there, then you impart that defiling root.

And so before you can even look at mentoring others, all these things need to be addressed in you first, and this is what this training is all about! It is not about knowing about being a prophet or understanding the process, but it is about BEING a prophet and being changed by the Holy Spirit. As you are changed and transformed, those that come to you will be able to drink from your clear stream. You will give out blessing and strength.

This is what training is all about. To weed out all the dirt and change your pre conceived ideas so that you can become like a pure stream. Then it will no longer be a case of trying to be a good mentor or about saying the right things, it will be a case of standing as an image to others. As the Lord brings this change in your heart you will be an example and others will follow after you. THEN you will be the kind of mentor that the Lord wants you to be. Not one that leads with empty words, but one that leads by an example reflected in their lives and a fire that is reflected in their words and actions.

May you truly become a flaming torch, lit by the very hand of the Holy Spirit! Then may He send you into the nations to set His Bride on fire for Him!"

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