Lesson 14 - Point of Weakness
By: Colette Toach
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Apostle Colette Toach

LESSON 14: Point of Weakness

Colette Toach

Every one of us have it. We try to hide it. We try to pretend that it just does not exist. But yet in the secret place of your heart it lies there. It is your point of weakness. The one place where you would just not rather be. The circumstance that you would just not like to find yourself in. Yet if you are called to minister for the Lord, then you are going to discover a shocking reality, it is the place that the Lord will use you most to minister in!

I was a pretty scrawny kid growing up. Add that to the fact that I was insecure and a pastor's kid and you had a recipe for complete rejection during my childhood years. It seemed that no matter how hard I tried I just did not fit in with anyone around me. Sure we went to church and my father would stand behind the pulpit and preach, but even in church I was not like the other kids. I was the pastor's kid. Things were expected of a pastor's kid. It was just the way it was.

Through my teenage years I struggled to find my place. I struggled to feel secure in what I knew God had made me into. I listened to the teaching. I tried to perform. It all failed and my glaring insecurity just grew and grew. Well, by reading just some of our teaching on the prophetic ministry and you will understand that I was a prophetic child with all the rejection and unfortunate character traits to match it.

And so I stumbled along the road of my life making mistakes like the rest of us. I thank the Lord that He had the grace to step in and save me from myself and in the midst of a determined rebellion He picked me up by His hand and reaffirmed the calling He had made on my life. From that time onwards my life began to change. I began to find security in the Lord. From a slow stumble, my walk became a brisk pace and I was shooting ahead in all that the Lord had called me to. I came to know Jesus intimately and for the first time I truly understood acceptance. I came to know the Father and there I saw in Him the recognition I so desired. In the presence of the Lord I was someone. In the presence of the Lord I was strong.

But every story needs a twist and a turn and so I will not disappoint you. In my growing confidence, the Lord steered my path along a new route. From keeping me hidden in the secrecy of His presence, He began exposing me to the public and even worse... to social engagements! I could stand behind the pulpit. I could preach. I could write and I could minister face to face. But the social environment was my place of weakness!

It seemed to me that when I entered into a room of people just for the purpose of fellowship that all my spiritual growth flew right out the door. Instead of the new person the Lord has forged by His hand, I felt once again like that insecure little child so long ago. What was I to do? I ran to the Lord trying to escape everything. But it was then that He taught me that unless I could stand in my calling at my point of weakness, I would never be the leader He had called me to be.

He showed me how I needed to know who I really was. To not care what others thought and even to be confident enough to stop thinking about myself all the time and pour out to those I met! When I finally came to the place when I was the same person behind the pulpit as I was in my place of weakness, the Lord could then release me to a whole new level in my ministry. From then onwards I was not just a prophet or an apostle behind the pulpit or in writing, I was one every day of the week, every hour of the day. It came to the place where I just rested in who I was. I did not have to try. I did not need to impress. I could just BE.

What is your point of weakness? What is the one circumstance that causes you to want to run and hide? Today I want to encourage you to face your fears. In fact I do not want you to just face them, I want you to embrace them! Because as you do that, you will come to discover that the Lord has set you apart no matter where you are. No matter where you go and no matter what you do, you are called by His grace. There is not a person in this world that can take that from you. Stand today in confidence and in boldness because of what God has put into you. Wear his calling proudly and stand representing the King of Kings.

May you continue to be crafted by the hand of Jesus until you glisten as a diamond in the sunlight.

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