Lesson 12 - A Piece of the Pattern
By: Colette Toach
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Apostle Colette Toach

LESSON 12: A Piece of the Pattern

Colette Toach

Those who know me on a more personal level will know that I loved to sew. When I was younger (and had the time!) I would spend hours pawing over patterns and various fabrics so that I could come out with a masterpiece. The thing I loved to do the most was find a pattern that was close to what I wanted to use as a guideline and then to make adjustments until I came up with my own unique style.

It was wonderful to create in this way and maybe my "masterpieces" did not come out quite like they should have, but there were times when I stood back, quite pleased with the job I had done!

Right now the Lord is taking His church and He is starting to sew it together. You see, He already had the pattern and the picture of what He wants and now He is sorting and dividing and deciding which piece of fabric goes there. Now, when I was putting a garment together, it was difficult to make sense of anything.

When all the pieces were separated, it did not look much like a dress! First you would start with the hems. Then perhaps I would work on the each piece of the sleeves. However as I continued to complete each piece and then put it in place and sew it all together, the garment took shape!

Now each person is at a different stage of this sorting and changing. And perhaps you cannot even see right now which part of the body you are meant to be fitting into. So the most important thing for you to do is to allow the Lord to work on one piece at a time. Do not try right now to see the full picture, but allow Him to complete your ministry a piece at a time.

Do not be arrogant to think that you have the whole picture, because you will just end up with death. And do not be too afraid to step out and become a part of the picture, because then you will be left behind. Just let the Lord work on you a piece at a time. As the Lord led AMI to start training, we were like that basic pattern I bought to make my dress. We had a foundation to work with.

Each Apostle has their own unique design. What works for you in your ministry might not work for another. So allow the Lord to work on you and leave your brother to get the revelation for himself. What is God saying to you right now? What is the single direction that He has given you? Then complete that direction! Complete that one piece. And then when you have finished it, the Lord will give you something else to work on. As you allow yourself to be led by the Holy Spirit in this way, then you will begin to see the fuller picture and where you fit in with everyone else.

Together we are all heading towards the same goal. The Lord is establishing His End Times Church and forging a beautiful garment out of us. May you stand in His purity and shine as the Bride that He has called you to be!

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