Lesson 11 - Your First Love
By: Colette Toach
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Apostle Colette Toach

LESSON 11: Your First Love

Colette Toach

If there is one danger in being in ministry it is ministering too much! Often you get so caught up with everyone's problems and the work that God has called you to do, that you forget the most important part of your call and your mandate. Do you really want to know what is the thing that is highest on God's agenda in doing His work? The answer is simple - He wants YOU! He wants to spend time with you and have moments away with you.

Working for the Lord is like getting married to the person that you love. Sure it is important to take care of the home and the kids, but what was the reason you got married? Was it not to just spend time together? To share every moment, both good and bad together? This is what the Lord wants from you also.

He appreciates the work that you do and He is very proud of you. But without that intimate time in His presence. you will become like a well that runs dry. There will always be needs. There will always be things to take care of. But those precious moments in the arms of your loving Savior are special and can never be replaced. Jesus worked hard for the 3 years He ministered on the earth. No matter how many people he healed, there were always more sick.

Time and time again you read of Him saying, "I do as I see the Father do." That means that Jesus spent a lot of time with the Father. He could not get on with His day without it! And so today I want you to get back to the basics of your calling. Amongst the confusion of your responsibility and the things you have to do, do the one thing that will keep you alive - take time to rest in His presence.

Lock yourself away. Run to the secret place. I remember a time in our lives where things were just so busy we did not have a moment to ourselves. Daphne Crause shared something with me that made me laugh. She said that there were so many people in the house and so much going on that she just could not find a quiet place to pray.

So, do you know what she did? She locked herself up in the bathroom and paced the floor in prayer until she felt a release in her spirit. She said, the bathroom was so small that she could only take two steps and then turn around and take the two steps back again - but she was determined to get into the presence of God!

So, today take some time off with Jesus. Run away with Him. Lock yourself away with Him and charge up. His presence will meet your needs and it will fill you to overflowing.

Press on and above all... get into His Presence!

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