Lesson 10 - The Power in Being Glorified
By: Colette Toach
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Apostle Colette Toach

LESSON 10: The Power in Being Glorified

Colette Toach

Sometimes you can get so preoccupied with death to the flesh, that you forget that real change will come to your life and your ministry when you can learn to walk in resurrection. Below is an excerpt taken from Lesson 11 of our Practical Prophetic Ministry Course. You will find that the anointing and power that you are looking for does not come on the cross but in...

The Power in Being Glorified
Lecturer: Colette Toach

What an incredible truth this is: That we can be glorified with Jesus! After being faced with your flesh time and time again you often feel like a piece of meat on a butchers block. But there is a profound truth that will really set you free today. That truth is that the power is in being glorified!

The power and the change comes when you step past the grave the death and on to using what God has given you. I can tell you that there is nothing more humbling than to be used of God when you realize the sin in your own flesh. When God has just exposed the bitterness in your own heart and then raises you up to minister to someone else with the same struggle as you.

I would have to say that most of my healing and change came when I least expected it. Being in full time ministry Craig and I often joke and say that there is just no time to die. You wake up one morning and the Lord is exposing something in you, but you know that in just 15 minutes you have an appointment to minister to a couple that needs some encouragement. You have only 15 minutes to Die Already and get your spirit in order!

Nothing like a little pressure to get you through that grave. But the most powerful thing is that as I ministered to that couple, I found the Holy Spirit flow out from me. As His rivers flowed out of me to them in ministry, I found my own heart being healed. Far too often you get caught up in your own death and in your own struggles, that you forget to pour out in ministry to others.

This is really when the change will come. When in your weakness and inability, you allow the Holy Spirit to use you. That empty and cracked vessel. It is at times like this that you truly understand the grace of God. It is easy to stand and minister when you are feeling on top and spiritually strong. But how humbling to stand and minister when God has just exposed a bitterness or pride in your heart.

There have been times in ministry when just before a meeting God exposed things like this in my heart and in weakness I arrive, knowing that I have to stand up and preach and that everyone there is looking to me for an answer and for ministry. How weak and useless I would feel! I would stand up and look into their faces thinking to myself, "What are you looking to me for? Can't you see that I am just an empty vessel?" Let me tell you that those are the times that I ministered in the most power and in a greater anointing!

It was in my weakness that Jesus made me strong and when I stepped off that pulpit, I discovered that the weakness and the failure He addressed before was no longer there. By standing up in my weakness, the Holy Spirit ministered through me and healed me. THIS is the power in being glorified and to this very day it causes me to love Jesus even more. That He would take the weak and foolish things of the world to use. May you always be weak in yourself and strong in Him.

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