Lesson 07 - Preparation vs. Curses
By: Colette Toach
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Apostle Colette Toach

LESSON 07: Preparation vs. Curses

Colette Toach

Very few can really understand the struggles and the death that comes with prophetic preparation. For many years I did not understand why I had the struggles I did in life. It seemed that while everyone in the world around me got what they desired, I was always the one left on the outside looking in.

For the longest time I thought that God withheld these blessings from us. I thought that because we were Christians we were just meant to suffer more than most. Adding to my gross insecurity and fear of man, the fact that I was a pastor's kid and you have a formula for a very sad state of affairs.

Yet as I grew up and I learned a bit more about my calling I came to see that a lot of what I had faced during my life was preparation for the calling on my life. I came to understand that I was a prophetic child. I lived in a fantasy world and seemed to cut myself off from others. I realized that this caused me to draw closer to the Lord and this drawing into myself enables me now to understand the types and shadows the Lord speaks with.

Yet there was a lot of 'junk' that the devil through into my preparation that was never what God intended. God NEVER intended for us to be poor. He never intended for us to be sick. He never intended for us to lose our home and all our things. God never intended for the break up of my family and God never intended for me to struggle with rejection and have such a hard time during adolescence.

Yet the Lord is faithful and took all of these curve balls that Satan through into my life and turned them into a home run! He took the worst of the worst and used it for His good. Yet I learned that these curve balls that Satan through at us were curses. I learned that I DID NOT have to live with them any longer. You can imagine how I felt the first time I got that revelation. Finally I had a solution! I could DO something about these hard times. I learned how to overcome these things.

I learned that God desired for me to prosper. I learned that His will was for me to walk in health. Then I took these principles and I took all the training I gained through my preparation and I armed myself against the enemy! I now had a double barrel shot gun to shoot at my circumstance and at my ministry! I could see the hand of God on my life. I saw how He had led me to people and how He had caused me to be separated for a reason. I saw that He put me in situations that would test me. But NEVER did He intend for any of them to curse me. No, those things were from the enemy.

And so as you can also learn to separate your preparation and the curses in your life, you will overcome. You will be armed against the attacks of the enemy and you will also be equipped to set others free. You CAN overcome! God WANTS you to overcome. And you hold the key to your calling and your life. Use it and learn that God needs you to be blessed so that you can use that key to release others.

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