Lesson 06 - The Correct Pattern
By: Colette Toach
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Apostle Colette Toach

LESSON 06: The Correct Pattern

Colette Toach

God is starting to lay a new foundation in His church.

If there is one lesson that we have learned and continue to learn along this road is that the real fruit of ministry is found in those your pour into. The concept of mentorship and apostolic fatherhood has been hidden to the church for a long time and now as it is being resurrected, what exactly does it mean?

The real price of doing things God's way is not really the time you put into your ministry. It is not the money you pour into it or even how many times you preach. The real price is laying your life down again and again for God's people. For that is truly what mentorship is all about. It means being there to lay a new foundation in the heart of the diciple, but it also means allowing God to use you as a chisel to remove the old foundation in them.

It is nice and comfortable to stand behind the pulpit, preach a powerful message and be seen by many as anointed. Yet there is little glory is pouring your heart and your life into a few soldiers of Christ day in and day out. Who sees the hours that you spend counseling them? Who sees the agony that you have to go through when you have to confront them and bring the chisel to them, forging them into the diamond God has called them to be? And then who sees the pain of separation you face when the time comes for you to let them go to use all you have put into them.

However you will find your reward in the fruit in their lives. A day will come when they will stand up and preach just like you. They will stand in the same anointing and they will even use your illustrations and bad jokes! It is then that you truly understand the reality of the new pattern. For the New Pattern for the End Times Church is not made of brick and mortar, but on the hearts of God's people. It is built with flesh and blood. And if you are willing to pay the price, then you will reap the fruit.

The glory of man comes and it goes. But the blessing and foundation of God will remain for generations to come. Now is the time to build the correct pattern. A pattern that will continue long after you are gone. Be prepared to pay the price. Be prepared to teach, to laugh and to cry with those God gives you. Prepared to be a simple servant of God with a new pattern to establish. May the Lord enable and bless you as you walk the road that is set before you!

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