Lesson 05 - How to Decree
By: Nathan Berry
Helpful Resource: Prophetic Anointing

Apostolic Movement International - Prophets in Action Workshop

Nathan Berry

Lesson 05: How to Decree

Lecturer: Nathan Berry

Based on Chapter 11 of the Prophetic Anointing book by Apostle Colette Toach
and Lesson 10 of the Prophetic Operations Training Kit


What makes one word drop to the ground while another one is able to cast a mountain into the sea? What was it about Samual that it was said of him, "no word ever dropped to the ground"?

Is it authority? Is it based on the blood of Jesus? Or perhaps knowing how to use the Name? How do you know what will work and what will not, and when to speak?

Learn the skill of decree and the anointing that is needed. After this lesson, you will increase your capacity to receive revelation and release decrees!

Multiple Choice Questions:

1. As a prophet, you have the power to speak things into existence, so what is the first step Colette tells you to do in chapter 11 of Prophetic Anointing?

a. To choose words of authority
b. To drop the "blah-blah"
c. To pray in faith
d. All of the above
e. None of the above

2. When waiting on God for a decree you should _______

a. Enter the Throne Room and make yourself available to Him
b. Wait for the the Lord to speak and then speak it out
c. Stop talking for a moment and listen
d. All of the above
e. None of the above

3. True or False: A prophetic decree comes every time you go into intercession.

a. True
b. False

4. Where is the best place to practice your prophetic decree?

a. When God gives you a word at church
b. During your intercession group
c. In your prayer closet
d. When you are ministering inner-healing
e. None of the above

5. What scripture is used in chapter 11 of the Prophetic Anointing book to describe prophetic anointing?

a. Romans 4:17
b. Isaiah 9:6
c. Isaiah 14:11
d. Job 38:4
e. Isaiah 55:11

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