Lesson 02 - How to Prophesy
By: Deborah-Anne Toach
Helpful Resource: Prophetic Functions

Apostolic Movement International - Prophets in Action Workshop

Deborah-Anne Toach

Lesson 02: How to Prophesy

Lecturer: Deborah-Anne Toach

Based on Chapters 11 and 12 of the Prophetic Functions book and Lesson 03 of the Prophetic Operations Student Kit by Apostle Colette Toach


"Prophesy" is such a normal word in today's church, especially when it comes to prophets. You see them standing up there delivering their prophetic words, and it looks so easy, but let us be honest. You are never quite sure "how" you are supposed to prophesy...

I mean, do you just stand up there and say "something" or do you open your mouth and the words just come out? Does God come upon you like a cloud and move your mouth for you? How do you even know if you are indeed prophesying God's word and not your own?

Well, it is time to discover the answers to those questions. This lesson will show you just how "easy" it is to actually prophesy, and the chapters this lesson is based on will take it one step further and give you all the juicy details about the truth of prophecy!

Multiple Choice Questions:

1. What allegory does Colette use to describe prophesy?

a. A gentle breeze
b. A microphone
c. A hot-air ballon
d. A telephone pole
e. None of the above

2. True or False: you prophesy by interpreting a vision to what you think it is.


3. When should you stop prophesying?

a. When you run out of words to say
b. When the Lord stops talking
c. When there is no one to prophesy to
d. All of the above
e. None of the above

4. When should you prophesy?

a. When God gives you something to say
b. During a the message
c. When someone says "God has given you a word"
d. When you have nothing to say
e. When God has given you the full word to speak

5. True or False: Any believer can prophesy, from two-year-olds to sixty-year-olds, and it is not based on how mature you are in your walk or calling with the Lord.


Prophets In Action Workshop is Based on the Prophetic Operations Training Manual

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