Welcome to the Prophets in Action Course!
By: The AMI Team
Helpful Resource: Prophetic Operations Student Kit

Apostolic Movement International - Prophets in Action Workshop

Welcome to the Prophets in Action Workshop!

It seems these days, that everybody wants to be a prophet... and why not? When you see a prophet in action, it is pretty amazing. The anointing flows, the power of prophetic words set you on the right course, and when a prophet decrees, you see circumstances come right, that seemed impossible to overcome before.

However, did you know that even though prophets seem to do these things so effortlessly, these functions are ones that EVERY believer alike can flow in?

So, whether you are a prophet in training, or simply want to flow in this way, this workshop is going to teach you how. Get ready to have loads of fun while you discover how to stand confidently when flowing in prophetic ministry.

You can consider this a "How-To Prophet" series! From speaking in tongues to prophesy to interceding effectively, you are going to pick up the prophet's most used weapons!

Next time you step out to minister, you will look like you've been doing this for YEARS!

Here are the 7 lessons you can look forward to:

Lesson 1: How to Use Tongues
Lesson 2: How to Prophesy
Lesson 3: How to Flow in Visions
Lesson 4: How to Intercede Effectively
Lesson 5: How to Decree
Lesson 6: How to Worship in the Spirit
BONUS LESSON - Lesson 7: How to Minister Inner Healing

Are you ready? You can start your first video lesson right NOW!


How the Course Works:

This course is comprised of seven video lessons. Each lesson is based on a chapter and lesson in the Prophetic Operations Training Kit. You will study on your own. After each video teaching, you will be given a combination of multiple choice questions and true false questions to answer. We suggest you watch the video teaching AND read the corresponding chapters BEFORE taking the test for each lesson.

You may attempt the tests after each lesson, as many times as you want. After you submit each tests, the answers will be revealed right away. That way you will know exactly how you did.

If you missed a lot of questions, then it is time to dive into the teachings to understand the principles being taught. If you answered correctly - very good! You are ready to move on to the next lesson!

Prophets In Action Workshop is Based on the Prophetic Operations Training Manual

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