Lesson 09 - Defining Deception
By: Colette Toach
Helpful Resource: The Way of Dreams and Visions

Apostolic Movement International - Prophetic Network Course

Apostle Colette Toach

Lesson 09: Defining Deception

Lecturer: Apostle Colette Toach

Based on Chapter 10 of The Way of Dreams and Visions by Apostle Colette Toach

Study Note:

Every Christian is afraid of it. They are afraid they will be deceived. They are afraid others are deceived. They are afraid that they will deceive others. After a while this little fear gets rather complicated until you either become quite cynical or end up just accepting everything! This is a subject that is very important to me and I hope that I brought balance to your fears in Chapter 8 from the PPM book.

Deception is regarded today much like leprosy was regarded in the Old Testament. No one wants to go near it or admit to it. You can tell a prophet in training that he is ugly. Say that his mother dresses him funny and that he is a reject, but NEVER and I mean NEVER tell him that his prized prophetic word is a deception.

A prophet will hold on to his revelations for dear life as if they themselves were a spiritual raft that would save him. When you come to understand the true place of revelation in your life, you will start maturing. You will learn when to let go of some of your revelations and when to stand back and wait for the Lord to confirm.

So there are a few things that you need to know about deception if you are called to be a prophet. Let me list a few of them for you below:

Consider Deception Your Training 101

!!NEWS FLASH!! EVERY and I mean EVERY prophet goes through deception as part of their prophetic training.

If you have not been deceived even once, how will you learn to differentiate between the voice of the enemy, the voice of your mind and the voice of the Lord? Your little interlude with deception will save you a lot of problems later on in your prophetic walk.

Deception is NOT defined as: A Word From Satan

Deception is not as simple as that! In fact there are three main ways that a word can be a deception. The first is that you receive a true word from God, but you misinterpret it.

The second is that you receive a true word from God, but you speak it forth with pre-conceived ideas. (In other words the interpretation is a deception. The third way is that satan deceives you with a demonic revelation all together.

Identifying Deception is simple

Contrary to popular belief you do not need to try and wonder if a word is a deception, hoping that you judge correctly. There are very simple ways to know! I list some of these ways in the PPM book, but if you have the Way of the Prophet Series, then skip to the chapter entitled: Prophetic Deception in the Prophetic Warfare book.

Let me give you a hint here: If a word brings guilt, fear, bitterness or strife, then it is a deception. Either the word itself was a complete deception or the speaker himself was not right before God.

Answer this for yourself if you have already read the PPM Book: What are the three main ways that you judge if a revelation that is given is from the Lord or if it is not? (Your answer is in chapter 8 from PPM)

Go Deeper!

Do you want to go into more detail?

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