Lesson 06 - Secret Training
By: Colette Toach
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Lesson 6: Secret Training

Apostle Colette Toach

Lecturer: Apostle Colette Toach

Based on the Apostolic Handbook book by Apostle Colette Toach


We all love secrets... that is everyone except my youngest daughter (Ruby). She was terrible with secrets and around Christmas or birthday time, you had to be extra careful not to let any surprises 'slip'. If she caught wind of any secret, I am sure you can imagine what happened... that "birthday surprise" was not a surprise any longer! I remember my eldest daughter's birthday one year. Ruby knew one of the gifts she was getting. This time she tried REALLY hard to keep it in, but the emotion overcame her and before she knew it, she had blurted it all out! Her sister was furious and I could hear her yelling through the house, "Now you have spoiled all the fun for me!"

Well, think of yourself as the Lord's surprise gift to the church. You were bought with the price of his blood, prepared lovingly with his hands, and kept in secret until just the right time. Was it not like this for Moses? God kept him hidden in the desert for 40 full years! Then, when the people of God cried out in earnest for a deliverer, the Lord said that He heard the cries of His people and sent them one. Moses was their big surprise gift! For the people of Israel, it was as if Moses suddenly appeared out of nowhere and became a great leader overnight. You and I know a bit better than that though.

If you have an apostolic call, you will relate to Moses' long, lonely nights in the desert, wondering how he got there. Wondering when he would ever get out. Sometimes even doubting if he heard God in the first place. Yet, here in the desert is where God lovingly prepares you to present you to His church. You are the only one that will know the price of this training or how long it takes. You and the Lord will be the only ones that know what you had to let go of and how you had to run from persecution time and time again.

So if you find yourself in obscurity, just 'biding your time', realize that God is preparing you. During this time of preparation, you will learn more than you realize. In fact, I would like to bet that you have already been facing the definite signs of preparation all along. So even though things seem slow as you watch the tumbleweed bounce randomly through the desert... look a little closer... the hand of God is in it!

Study Notes

Cave of Adullam ? David Training

Davidic Preparation

Now as we look at the training of the apostle, let’s look quickly at the interim phase between preparation and training. What happens when you move from preparation to training? I am not going to delve into the difference between apostolic preparation and training, because I already covered that in my book, The Apostolic Handbook. So I will assume you know the difference and dive right into how this relates to an apostle called to fulfill a Davidic Mandate specifically.

You saw how David was in Saul’s household, how he had married into the family, how he was right there in the king’s court. He had come under Saul and was best friends with Jonathan. Everything seemed to go right.

That was David’s preparation. His preparation was right from when he was a little shepherd boy and up until that time. He learned to overcome the external barriers that stopped him up until then.

Do you know something? If David had stayed in the courts of Saul, he would never have become the king that we saw as he ascended the throne of Israel many years later.

Why is that? It is because he would have become stagnant. He would have become complacent. He would have always settled for second best. He would have always accepted staying under Saul’s covering and he would have expected Jonathan to rise up and become king in his father’s place.

He would not have thought twice about it! Had the Lord allowed David to remain in the house of Saul, David’s growth would have been stunted. He would never have grown to become the king that he was destined to be.

1. Thrown Out of Comfort Zone

So a little bit of discomfort had to come. David had to be thrown out of his comfort zone a bit. You know how a seed is born and birthed - in adversity. You put a seed in the ground and it blossoms very quickly, but then it has to push its way through the soil.

By the time it has pushed its way through the soil and you see it come out into the sunlight, it has faced the most difficult time of its growth that it will ever face. Because it has pushed its way through the soil, it will then be able to carry on growing into the sunlight after it comes up out of that soil.

That is what David was like as he ended up having to leave Saul’s household because Saul turned against him. He was like that seed that had just sprouted, but because he was shaken out of his complacency he had to start growing through the soil. Then came the battle and the fight, day after day to push through that soil, knowing that one day he was going to break through that soil.

He had to hold onto the promise that the Lord had given him so many years before that said, “David, you are favored and I am going to put you on the throne of Israel.”

That is the only thing that he had to hold onto as he pushed his way slowly but surely through the soil.

2. Breaking Ties

The next thing that has to happen before an apostle will break through into apostolic training is that he will need to break ties with his mentor. Yes, an apostle can be mentored!

He can receive teaching and training from the hand of another. However, for an apostle to receive his own mandate and stand in the authority of the most High God, there needs to come a cutting and a severing of mentorship ties.

Very often the Lord will bring the mentor into the life of a young apostle to train him up. Also, there is often a time of re-parenting and re-teaching, so that all those family values and all those things that he lacked as a child are fulfilled by the mentor. Yet, there comes a time when the mentor relationship is broken.

We see this in the life of David, how in his own home he was considered a nothing. His brothers called him a troublemaker, and his father did not even consider him worthy enough to bring before Samuel.

Upon looking at this, I think that there are many who can identify with David. He grew up rejected. He grew up in obscurity. He was the black sheep of the family.

What happened to this black sheep?

He overcame the external blockages and he entered into the house of the King of Israel.

So no longer was he this little nobody, whose brothers did not care about him and whose father did not notice. Now he was somebody of importance. Saul took this young little David under his wing and made him his son.

What happened?

David looked at this big man, Saul the king, and in Saul, he found that need for acceptance being met. Every time Saul gave a kind word to David, it spurred him on even more. It encouraged him.

So Saul re-parented David. By Saul taking David under his wing, he taught him what it meant to be a king. He sat in the courts with Saul. He saw how a king functions. He saw how a king holds himself. He also saw the responsibilities of a king.


I dare say that David looked up to Saul as his own father, who later turned on him. In the eyes of Saul, David saw his acceptance.

When Saul accepted David and anything that David did, David just lapped it up because he so desperately needed it. He so desperately needed that affirmation. He so desperately needed somebody to notice him and to see the importance of him, because his own family never noticed it.

He grew up being a nothing and a nobody, crying out for that love and attention. When Saul came into his life he thought that he had found it. Yet, that too had to come to an end. The Lord could not allow a man to meet a need that only He could meet.

So a time will come in your life where the Lord will bring a mentor to you. He will help to re-parent you and fill in those missing gaps and give you a picture to aim towards. He will give you a model.

For the rest of your life, even after that mentorship tie has been broken, you will still look to that mentor as a model, even if that mentor, such as Saul, wants to destroy you. There is such a bond between a mentor and a disciple that you will continue to look at that image as one that you will attain to.

The Image Remains

I have seen this so often. I have seen mentors who have had disciples and the mentor is totally out of order and heretical. The teaching that they taught the disciple was total heresy and so the disciple broke away in disgust.

Yet, as we have tried to train and retrain such people, we have found that the image that this disciple got of his mentor stays with him almost forever. It is practically impossible to try and shatter that image! This is because no matter how or why the break came, the disciple will always have that image in his heart of what an apostle or prophet should be. He will continue to work towards that image.

When David and Saul broke apart, David had in his mind’s eye an image of what a king should look like and what a king should be. That image was created by Saul. You even read afterwards where Saul is chasing David and wanting to take his very life, but David could not touch Saul.

He came before Saul after he had taken a piece of his garment and stood on the mountain top and said, “Why do you want to kill me, my father? I am nothing!”

He called him his father and he wept for Saul.

I can almost imagine David crying out and saying, “Perhaps this is the time my father will accept me.”

He said, “Why are you rejecting me? Why are you hurting me so much? You are my father. I adore you! I love you more than my own life.”

David meant those words. Saul meant everything to him. That is why he and Jonathan too were so close. He never had brothers who understood him or loved him. He was a lonely child and he grew up lonely.

Yet, in Jonathan, he found his need met. So much so that it says that the love he had for Jonathan was stronger than the love he had for women.

Why is that?

It is because when you find somebody to meet a deep crying need in your heart, it is a stronger bond than anything else in this world.

That is why the Lord had to sever both those ties. Only one person could meet that need in David, the Lord Himself. That is why the apostle, when coming into training, will find himself having ties cut from close friends and close family.

Excerpt from The Key of David by Colette Toach

Personal Project:

  1. Think back on the last year and make a list of all the main lessons that you learned from the Lord.
  2. Write a list of the things you had to give up or leave behind this year.
  3. Now write down a clear description of where you are at now. What your spiritual condition is, what your circumstances are and what your hopes are for the year ahead. Keep this, because in just a few months, you will see how much you have already moved forward!

    David knew a thing or two about being trained in the wilderness and he was the greatest king of all time. In The Key of David, live a day in David's shoes and you might begin to see his experiences in your own. Could it be that the Lord has called you to be a Davidic Apostle? You'll only know that if you listen to The Key of David MP3 Downloads.

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Lesson 6: The Proof of Your Call

Recognize the shaking in your vision when God brings it and shake with it. From the day you were conceived, God has been busy forming you into a gift to His Church. As you walk this journey, you will encounter times in which your vision will need to evolve because God's people require a different gift. Learn how to recognize the symptoms of when God is calling you to evolve, and then be open and pliable in His hands to go through the change. You are a vessel of gold and a vessel of honor. Let the potter form you as you are needed to be formed.


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