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By: Colette Toach
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Apostle. One simple word and you have a whole list of different doctrines and arguments. With so much controversy it is hard at times to get a clear picture of the apostolic ministry and if it is even valid for today. Then to add to that, perhaps you are one of those that God has called to be an apostle. This just adds more confusion as you try to dig through so many teachings to find out one simple answer:

What is an Apostle and how do I become such an apostle?

Perhaps you have become frustrated, or perhaps after searching for a long time, the Lord has sent you here. I want to reassure you by saying, that by the end of this simple mini-course that you will have the answers to these questions and statements:

1. What is an apostle and what does an apostle do?

2. How do I know if God has called me to be an apostle?

3. How God prepares and trains His apostles.

4. How to identify the apostolic preparation in your own life.

5. Ten sure signs to identify whether someone has an apostolic calling on their lives.

6. I am called to be an apostle... where do I go from here?

Having trained and worked with many apostles myself, I am ready to impart to you the knowledge and also some of the "background information" that I have received from the Lord and the Apostles before me. By the end, you will understand the role of the apostle and also the price of apostleship in a whole new light! So, I invite you to get ready to learn, be challenged and to start on a new road. In the weeks and months ahead I will be taking you a step at a time towards walking the apostolic road. Whether you signed up out of curiosity or out of desperation for answers, I promise that you will not be disappointed!

In fact, you can begin right now getting some of the answers you have been looking for. I will assume that you have already read or studied one of the apostolic materials available in our AMI Bookshop.

By the end of those materials, your apostolic calling will not only be confirmed, but it will tell you what price you will be called to pay for it also! You will learn how to identify and also put your team together.

Are you ready? Then let's get you moving. I speak the blessing of the Lord on you and I open that new door that is ahead of you now. As you step forward may the Lord lay a new foundation on your heart and impart a new power and anointing to you. May you know that you are called out and appointed for this work.

In His love,

Apostle Colette Toach

Colette Toach
Apostle and Spiritual Mother
Apostolic Movement International

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