Lesson 03 - Personal vs General Prophecy
By: Deborah-Anne Toach
Helpful Resource: Prophetic Functions

Apostolic Movement International - Prophetic Mentoring Program

Apostle Colette Toach

Lesson 03: Personal vs General Prophecy

Lecturer: Deborah-Anne Toach

Based on Chapter 13 of the Prophetic Functions book by Apostle Colette Toach


The Lord has a special word for each one of his children, however, it is not always meant to be shared in front of everybody. Sometimes it is a love letter and other times, it may not always be so lovey-dovey. In fact, it is a word of correction!

Yet, how many times have you witnessed sins being exposed and brought to the light by prophets?

In this lesson, you are going to discover that it is one thing to receive a revelation and another to know how to use wisdom in sharing it.

You may even discover that without knowing it, you have left many feeling excluded from the Lord's favor. As a prophet, it's a terrible feeling to know this, BUT there's an easy fix.

Learn how to navigate between personal and general prophecy and how to make sure that EVERYONE leaves your meeting having had a touch from God!

Personal Project:

1.In your own words, describe the difference between personal prophecy and general prophecy?

2. Give a recent example of a personal prophecy and a general prophecy that you have heard. Do you flow in personal or general prophecy? Where do you think you can improve?

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