Lesson 02 - Prophecy vs Decree
By: Colette Toach
Helpful Resource: Prophetic Essentials

Apostolic Movement International - Prophetic Mentoring Program

Apostle Colette Toach

Lesson 02: Prophecy vs Decree

Lecturer: Apostle Colette Toach

Based on Chapter 16 of the Prophetic Essentials book by Apostle Colette Toach


It is one thing to inspire and it is another to implement and make something happen - so it is with prophecy and decree. Each one of these tools are unique and powerful, but each one serves it's own purpose. In this lesson you are going to learn the difference between the two and in what circumstance to use each one.

These days, everyone hankers after prophetic words. It is so sought after that you would think we were in the days of Samuel, where it said that "... the Word of the Lord was rare."

You would think God was not speaking to His people. However, being the prophet that you have been called to be, you know better than this. As much as prophecy is used to encourage and to give water to those who are thirsty... it is time, prophet, to wean God's people from a second hand experience with Jesus to a real intimate relationship with Him.

Prophecy has it's place and it should be used... but let us not forget the purpose for using it - to bring the Bride closer to her Groom.

Then there is decree. What do we know about decree? Well, there is a popular phrase in the church right now, "I decree and declare... I decree and declare..."

You and I know that it is not what "I" decree and declare that makes something happen, it is when it is God's idea that the power is released in your words. So, do you want to be such a prophet whose words do not drop to the ground? Do you want to decree and have kingdoms uprooted?

Do you want to encourage and build up when you prophecy? If so, this lesson is one you will rellish in. Click below to start watching!

Personal Project:

1. Briefly describe the differences between decree and prophecy, using your own words.

2. Do you flow in the gift of prophecy? If so where do you feel there is room for improvement on how you deliver prophetic words and your ability to hear the Lord clearly?

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