Lesson 01 - 10 Signs of a Prophetic Calling
By: Colette Toach
Helpful Resource: Prophetic Essentials

Apostolic Movement International - Prophetic Mentoring Program

Apostle Colette Toach

Lesson 01: Love in the Heart of a Prophet

Lecturer: Apostle Colette Toach

Based on Chapter 03 of the Prophetic Essentials book by Apostle Colette Toach


You've had leaders tell you that you have a prophetic calling, your pastor has identified the signs, and perhaps you've had another prophet lay hands on you... but what you really need and actually desire, is a conviction of your calling.

Until you know that you know, you've been called, you will not push through when the times get tough. When the enemy comes to make you doubt who you are, you need this conviction from the Lord to stand and face the opposition. So - are you sure you're a prophet? Let us take you one step closer to getting this conviction, shall we?

How many of the ten signs can you tick off?


Personal Project:

1. List which of the 10 signs you relate most to?

2. What would you say has been the hardest part about going through the process of being called and then walking out your call in the prophetic.

Multiple Choice Questions:

1. What "Key Principle" is found in Chapter 09 of Prophetic Functions in regards to the purpose of tongues?

a. "As a Christian speaking in tongues is powerful. As a prophet it is invaluable"
b. "You cannot walk your prophetic call without speaking in tongues"
c "There has come a time in your spiritual walk when you stop and feed your spirit, so you can feed others"
d, "As you start speaking in tongues, you get rid of all the junk and start to fertilize your spirit"
e. "Keeping your spirit fit is the same as in the natural - You have to keep going to the gym and put the effort in"

2. What does speaking in tongues do?

a. Builds up your spirit and better authority in spiritual warfare
b. Builds up and cleanses your spirit
c. Cleanses your spirit so you can give prophetic decrees
d. All of the above
e. None of the above

3. What is the use or uses for speaking in tongues?

a. Spiritual Warfare
b. Issuing Decrees
c. Releasing Angels
d. None of the above
e. All of the above

4. What picture did Colette use to describe when you send forth the angels?

a. The worship angels singing and the warrior angels sitting around the coffee machine
b. The warrior angels standing at attention waiting for your command
c. The angels in heaven wondering around waiting of the Lord’s command
d. The worship angels worshiping, entertaining the warrior angels while they wait for a command
e. None of the above

5. What is the first thing you learn in chapter 09 of Prophetic Functions?

a. What the purpose of Tongues is
b. That it is the language of the spirit
c. How to tap into your inner bodybuilder
d. The uses for speaking in tongues
e. How to build your spiritual windmill

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