Lesson 09 - Parables, Problems and Projects
By: Jessica Toach
Helpful Resource: The Mentorship Secrets Kit

Apostolic Movement International - Mentorship Secrets Course

Jessica Toach Lesson 09: Parables, Problems and Projects

Lecturer: Jessica Toach

Based on Chapter 08 of the Mentorship 101 book by Apostle Colette Toach


It is time to give your disciple pictures to help them understand the problems they are facing and projects to help them overcome those problems.

You see, being a mentor is more than just telling someone what to do. It is about helping your disciples by giving them the tools they need in order to succeed and go through the mentorship process correctly. Now it is time to learn just how to go about doing that.

Multiple Choice Questions:

1. What is the main point of giving a parable?

a. So that people remember the principle you are teaching.
b. So that they can relate to your allegory.
c. To paint a clear picture of their future.
d. To get their attention and entertain them.
e. A and B.
f. C and D.
g. All of the above.

2. Fill in the blanks: A parable __________ a __________ allowing you, as a mentor to bring the problem up.

3. Why is it so important to give your disciple projects?

a. To test their knowledge and discover their limitations.
b. To bring them to conviction and practically apply what they are learning.
c. To uproot and expose the issue and challenges that they are facing.
d. None of the above.
e. All of the above.

4. Why is bringing up problems so important as a trainer?

a. To bring them to a conviction.
b. To humble them and keep them teachable.
c. To open their eyes to see they are facing a problem.
d. None of the above.
e. All of the above.

5. The main point of being a trainer is pulling out people's ___________.

a. Good qualities.
b. Strengths.
c. Problems.
d. Weaknesses.

Mentorship Secrets Course is Based on The Mentorship Secrets Kit

The Mentorship Secrets Kit


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