Lesson 08 - Don't Eat the Sheep
By: Anne Chen
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Anne ChenLesson 08: Don't Eat the Sheep

Lecturer: Anne Chen

Based on Chapter 11 of the How to Get People to Follow you book by Apostle Colette Toach


When you have a disciple that hangs on your every word, wants to be like you or thinks you are the best thing since sliced bread, they are where they are supposed to be. But no matter what they think about you, don't let this get YOU off track.

In this lesson, learn one of the dangers of the mentorship relationship that can always get you off your game, and how to keep your eyes and focus where it should always be, on Jesus!

Multiple Choice Questions:

1. What is are the dangers of getting your needs met in your disciple?

a. You will lose track of your mentorship goal.
b. Your disciple will lose interest in wanting to follow you.
c. You will lose confidence in yourself and your ability to mentor your disciple.
d. All of the above.
e. None of the above.

2. What does not getting your needs met in Jesus take away from you in your mentorship relationship?

a. Your convictions go down the drain.
b. You lose your focus and forget the direction the Lord has given you.
c. Your vision becomes polluted.
d. A and B.
e. All of the above.

3. True or False: You need to look at yourself and where you get your needs met to bring yourself to maturity before looking to do it in others.

4. What is the ultimate solution to NOT get your needs met in your disciple?

a. Realizing that no one but Jesus can fulfill those needs and then go to Him to do so.
b. Making sure you keep an eye on how much time you spend with your disciple.
c. Have a healthy leader/follower distance in your relationship with your disciple.
d. Put those needs aside, you need to put all your focus on your disciple.

5. True or False: If you become spiritually mature enough, the need for acceptance and recognition will go away.

Mentorship Secrets Course is Based on The Mentorship Secrets Kit

The Mentorship Secrets Kit


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