Lesson 06 - How to Get People to Admire You
By: Anne Chen
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Anne ChenLesson 06: How to Get People to Admire You

Lecturer: Anne Chen

Based on Chapter 05 of the How to Get People to Follow you book by Apostle Colette Toach


You may think that being a good mentor is just about having profound things to say and impart, but you may be overlooking one essential aspect... you need people to WANT to receive from you!

People need to admire you for them to want to hear what you have to say, and this quality is absolutely essential when you have disciples.

This lesson will give you the key to acquire this important quality and help you be more effective for your disciples to get everything the Lord desires for them through you!

Multiple Choice Questions:

1. Why is it important that people admire you as a mentor?

a. So that people want to receive what the Lord has put into you.
b. So you will know that what you have to offer has value.
c. The Lord wants everyone to be loved and admired.
d. So that you can build a big following.

2. What are some of the principles that Apostle Colette gives to help people admire you?

a. Talk about all the wonderful things you have done and what you have to offer.
b. Be a strong leader and give directions in a forceful manner.
c. Admire the potential in others.
d. Listen to what people have to say and be a good friend.
e. All of the above.

3. True or false: No one will admire you if you help someone to rise up higher than you.

4. How can you give someone hope, or show them that what you have is attainable?

a. Remind them that the Lord can do anything with anybody.
b. Tell them that though they have to fulfill a lot of requirements, they can do it.
c. Have the mindset that if they work as hard as you do, then can have most of what you have.
d. Be willing to give everything you have and go the distance with them to get what they need.

5. What are the main reasons why people admire or follow someone?

a. They see someone that sees the potential or gold in them.
b. They see something in that person that they desire to emulate or have.
c. They see someone that will help them fulfill their potential.
d. All of the above.
e. None of the above.

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