Lesson 04 - Character Specific and Universal Symbols
By: Deborah-Anne Toach
Helpful Resource: The Way of Dreams and Visions

Apostolic Movement International - Dreams and Visions Training Program

Deborah Toach

Lesson 04: Character Specific and Universal Symbols

Lecturer: Deborah-Anne Toach

Based on the Way of Dreams and Visions Symbol Dictionary by Apostle Colette Toach

Personal Project:

Using the principles taught in this lesson, interpret the following dream:

Dream: Lion - Keep Out!

"I had this dream when I was helping the AMI team in South Africa. I am a prophet in office and while I was there, I was helping carry the ministry load.

In this dream, I dreamed I was in South Africa, however, the inside of the center was that of the ministry center in the United States. However, there was something wrong with the front door, so we had to remove the front door.

At the same time, I saw a lion outside, trying to get into the house and I realized that this wasn't good. So I took a white sheet and tried to cover the door so that the lion wouldn't get in. Then I woke up."

Answers Will Be Given in the Next Lesson

Answer to Lesson 03 Project:

Using the principles taught in this lesson, interpret the following dream:

Dream: Driving With Jesus

"I was riding in a blue convertible with the Lord Jesus at the wheel. I was 6 years old and I was really relaxed. It looked like we were somewhere in Hawaii or somewhere tropical.

I felt so safe, and peaceful. I had my hand and head hanging out the side of the car, feeling the wind go through my hair. Then I woke up."


*Note: Dream interpretations may vary slightly. You may see something else that another person did not see and vice versa. However, everyone should arrive to a similar main message.

This dream is actually a mixture of both a healing dream AND an internal prophetic dream. Healing, because you are a little girl in the dream. The Lord is bringing healing to your past. Perhaps there was a hurt or a lot of chaos when you were six years old. In this dream, you are relaxed and the Lord is making you feel secure.

The fact that Jesus, Himself is in your dream, a symbol from the Word, means that this is also an internal prophetic dream. The color blue represents a call to ministry and that your ministry (vehicle) is given from the Lord.

The main message from the Lord is one of encouragement and security. He wants you to know that He is in control of your ministry and life. Your future is secure. Your ministry is given by Him and He is at the wheel, you can relax and enjoy the ride!"

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