Lesson 02 - The 3 Categories of Prophetic Dreams
By: Chaifa Berry
Helpful Resource: The Way of Dreams and Visions

Apostolic Movement International - Dreams and Visions Training Program

Chaifa Berry

Lesson 02: The 3 Categories of Prophetic Dreams

Lecturer: Chaifa Berry

Based on Chapter 02 and 03 of the Way of Dreams and Visions book by Apostle Colette Toach

Personal Project:

Categorize and then interpret the following dream, using the principles taught in this lesson:

Dream: Mail Delivery!

"I was sitting in a chair, in a dark room. Suddenly, I am presented with a piece of mail, with my name on it. I open the mail and start reading. Then I woke up! When I awoke, I felt positive."

Answers Will Be Given in the Next Lesson

Answer to Lesson 01 Project:

Using the principles taught, match each dream to the correct category: Healing, Purging or Garbage:

Dream 01

"I dreamed that someone was being attacked and that I had to help them. As I stepped in to rescue the person, I suddenly realized I had super strength, but the attacker also had super strength, and he managed to grab a hold of me and throw me across the room.

I nearly hit a wall, but in midair I turned around, so that my feet hit the wall, as I pushed off (this made me realize I could also fly!). I managed to use my momentum to knock out the attacker and rescue the person being attacked.

I woke up feeling excited, but a little confused"

ANSWER: Garbage Dream

Dream 02

" I dreamed that my sister and I got into a fight. We were really yelling at each other, and then my sister stormed out of the room. Later on in the dream, she came back, and she had baked cookies! She offered me a cookie (her baking is heavenly), and apologized for shouting at me. We hugged and then sat down to eat cookies and drink tea and coffee.

I woke up feeling relieved, and like I could conquer the world."

ANSWER: Healing Dream

Dream 03

"I dreamed that I was fighting with a friend of mine (she had made a mistake and I had gotten in trouble), and I was telling her how she should take responsibility for her actions.

I woke up feeling relieved, and relaxed."

ANSWER: Purging Dream

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