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By: Colette Toach
Helpful Resource: Practical Prophetic Ministry

Apostolic Movement International - Prophetic Network Course

Let us introduce ourselves very quickly and then talk a little bit more about how YOU can reach your goal as the Prophet God has called you to be! Our names are Craig and Colette Toach and since 1999 we have been training God's prophets all over the world.

If there is one thing that God made clear to us on the very outset of our journey it was that we would live what we preached! It would take me hours to describe how the Lord led us to leave our homes in South Africa to go to Mexico where the first AMI Ministry Center began. From there we have reached out to many nations via the internet and through live church planting and development of live training schools.

If there is one thing that Craig and I would like to impart to you in the duration of this FREE Prophetic Network Course it is the fire to do the work of God. Whether you become a prophet in office or simply just serve the Lord in Prophetic Ministry, that you do it with FIRE! We know that there have been many disappointments and rejections along your road. It is not easy when it feels like you are on the outside looking in. It is even worse when you fail and no one understands.

The secret is getting up again and moving forward. From now on we will be there to motivate you to keep on getting up and moving forward!

We look forward to training and sharing more in the weeks that follow!

In His love,

Craig and Colette Toach
Apostles and Spiritual Parents
Apostolic Movement International

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