School Lectures For Prophetic Courses - Prophets in Action

Welcome to the Prophets in Action Course!

A Warm Welcome to the Prophets in Action Course!

Lesson 01 - How to Flow in Tongues

Tongues is often odd to the ear and yet for some reason it is vital to our walk as Christians. In this lesson, the "why are tongues so important" question is taken, explained, and broken down for you into very easy-to-follow steps.

Lesson 02 - How to Prophesy

This lesson will show you just how "easy" it is to actually prophesy, and the chapters this lesson is based on will take it one step further and give you all the juicy details about the truth of prophecy!

Lesson 03 - How to Flow in Visions

When you say the word "vision" what pictures do you see? Do they have movie-like qualities with exploding colors and sounds? Are they black and white? Mere shadows with hints of a picture? And is there supposed to be a difference on how each person is supposed to see them? These are a few questions that are answered in this lesson. They are sure to open your eyes and give you the answers you seek.

Lesson 04 - How to Intercede Effectively

In this lesson, you will gain what it takes to get the angels moving on earth. No more shooting around in the dark, hoping God has heard your prayer! Time to move onto maturity. You will discover that just as Jeremiah was given authority to plant and uproot and to destroy and establish kingdoms on earth, so too, do you have the power to change the world!

Lesson 05 - How to Decree

What makes one word drop to the ground while another one is able to cast a mountain into the sea? Learn the skill of decree and the anointing that is needed. After this lesson, you will increase your capacity to receive revelation and release decrees!

Lesson 06 - How to Worship in the Spirit

The prophet has an ability to enter into the Throne Room fast and in this lesson, you'll discover their secret! Find out how to cast your cares upon Him and feel light as a feather through praise and worhip. You may be surprised that it can take a little bit of lamenting to get into His presence...

Bonus Lesson - How to Minister Inner Healing

Inner healing is a realm that the prophet thrives in. In this lesson, learn how to get down to the root of the problem, how to dig past today's circumstances and expose where the issues of the heart started. With a sharp ear in the spirit, you can walk others through inner healing and change their life's right now.

Multiple Choice Lesson Answers

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