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Welcome to the Prophetic Network Course!

A Warm Welcome to the Prophetic Network Course!

Lesson 01 - Love in the Heart of a Prophet

One thing that is foundational to all prophetic ministry is love! It is because of love that Christ went to the cross, and that is the kind of love that the Lord requires for you to pour out to His people. Start learning in this lesson what you need to do to experience and share the Lord?s love for you and His Church.

Lesson 02 - Love Continued

Love is the very thing that the enemy cannot understand and is powerless before it, but why is it so hard to love as Christ does? This lesson will teach you to follow in the steps of the master, and truly learn to love as He does.

Lesson 03 - Prophetic Preaching

You may be familiar with pastors up in front of the church, preaching on a Sunday, but did you know that prophets nowadays are being called to the pulpit to preach as well? However, how a prophet preaches is going to be very different. In this lesson, learn how the Lord may be calling YOU to share a message with His Church.

Lesson 04 - The Odd One Out

Awkward, always saying the wrong thing, and never fitting in, you may have felt like the outcast for most of your life. However, learn in this lesson some of the signs of a prophetic call, and see how some of your experiences line right up with what is part and parcel of the call.

Lesson 05 - Overcoming the Fear of Man

When the Lord gives you a word, you may think that it would be easy to just stand up and deliver it, right? However, it often feels like an impossible task. In this lesson, take a closer look at why it is so difficult sometimes to go against the flow when the Lord has called you to do just that, and overcome.

Lesson 06 - The Mature Prophet

In this lesson, you will get to get a closer look what a mature prophet looks like, and how they function within the Church. If you are not there yet, be encouraged that you will have a clearer picture of what the Lord desires to do in and through you.

Lesson 07 - The Prophetic Doctor

One of the most important aspects of the prophetic call is the ability to be able to have an active hand in healing the broken-hearted. This lesson will teach you to how to be a ?doctor? to those who are hurt and are in desperate need of healing to bring Jesus to those who need Him most.

Lesson 08 - Dreams and Visions

One of the ways the Lord speaks to you is through dreams and visions. Learn in this lesson some important tips on how to interpret and decipher the secret messages that the Lord desires for you.

Lesson 09 - Defining Deception

Deception. It is something that no prophet likes to acknowledge but this is a very important subject to really take a close look at. In this lesson, learn how to identify deception, and discern what is and is not from the Lord.

Lesson 10 - The Truth About Training

So how exactly is a prophet trained? This lesson will give you a roadmap for the journey through prophetic training that you may be already be on, or are about to embark on, and for what lies ahead for you.

Lesson 11 - Prophetic Ministry Versus Prophetic Office

What is the difference between prophetic ministry and prophetic office? Learn about these two very different, but important functions that the Church needs today in this lesson. Also, be prepared to have some of the most prevalent myths about prophets debunked.

Lesson 12 - Why You Are Different

There is a reason that you have never been able to fit in with all the other believers you know. The Lord has created these differences in you to be a mighty warrior that will change the church? so learn in this lesson how to embrace what makes you ?different? and rejoice in how you have been made.

Lesson 13 - The Pastor and The Prophet

It is true that pastors and prophets don?t see eye to eye, but they are not meant to. Learn in this lesson how these two important ministries can and should work together for the benefit of the entire Church.

Lesson 14 - The Prophetic Mandate

What is the number one function of the prophet in the local church? If you are not completely sure, this lesson will teach you what the Lord has given to the prophet as a special mandate to the Church.

Lesson 15 - What is Intercession

One thing that prophets LOVE to do is pray, and the Lord has given the prophet some very specialized weaponry in the spirit to be able to do this and get results. In this lesson, learn about prophetic intercession and make the most of your time in your prayer closet.

Lesson 16 - What to do With Your Calling

Where to go from here? You have learned a lot about the prophetic call and journey, so now, armed with all of this, learn what your next steps need to be to continue your exciting journey with the Lord.