School Lectures For Prophetic Courses - Prophetic Mentoring Program

Welcome to the Prophetic Mentoring Program

A Warm Welcome to the Prophetic Mentoring Program!

Lesson 01 - 10 Signs of a Prophetic Calling

You give prophetic words and love to pray, that means you are a prophet right? Well, there is a lot more to being a prophet than prayer and prophetic words. It?s time for you to truly ask yourself, what makes a prophet? How many signs can you tick off?

Lesson 02 - Prophecy vs Decree

Everyone is decreeing this and that, but are they decreeing what the Lord wants to be decreed? You need to find out, is that decree from the Lord, from your head, or just another prophetic word.

Lesson 03 - Personal vs General Prophecy

So, you just gave the pastor of the church a prophetic word in front of the whole congregation that he?s teaching heresy, and yet you wonder why you got kicked out of the church. You need to know, is that word the Lord is giving you personal, or is it okay to speak it to the whole congregation.

Lesson 04 - Hearing God's Voice

You can't follow someone's instructions if you never hear the instructions to begin with. You need to know God's voice to do His work, and it's time you figured out how to do that!

Lesson 05 - Prophetic Anointing

You now know what a Prophet is, how to identify it, and some of their basic purposes. Now, to really find out what a prophet does, and why they are needed in the church.

Lesson 06 - Prophetic Maturity

From ugly caterpillar to beautiful butterfly, the road to prophetic maturity will lead you through a transformation process that will leave you unrecognizable from your past self!

Lesson 07 - Templates and Triggers in Prophetic Training

From arguing over dishes to only eating from a certain plate, this stage of your training will be bringing up all that old junk from your past that has been keeping you down.

Lesson 08 - The 3 Phases of Prophetic Training

No one is ever born an adult. There is a process, from child, to awkward teen, to adult. The Prophetic Training is the same. Which phase are you at?

Lesson 09 - Satan's Kingdom & Battlefield

Its time to stop bringing knives to gun fights, stepping on ants instead of destroying the ant hill. You need to see the hierarchy of Satan?s kingdom, and see what weapons are needed on that battlefield!

Lesson 10 - How Satan Attacks

Loosing focus, sudden mood shift, flesh out of control? Guess what, that?s Satan attacking. Take that fight out of your mind and into the real world! See him breaking through your defenses and fight him off!

Lesson 11 - Prophetic Deception

A vital part of maturing as a prophet, putting your foot in your mouth and speaking deception. Every prophet goes through it, no matter how much you all deny it!

Lesson 12 - The Beginning and the End of Warfare

What do you think the greatest weapon in spiritual warfare is? The loudness of your prayers? The amount of words you pray? The amount of time you can speak in tongues? Or is it Love?

Lesson 13 - Transitioning into Prophetic Office

It?s the final lesson, lets bring everything you?ve learned so far together. From your journey to maturity, the tool you?ve picked up along the way, and how you are going to use them all in Prophetic Office.

Congratulations - you've completed the program!

A Warm Goodbye from the Prophetic Mentoring Program!