School Lectures For Prophetic Courses - Dreams and Visions

Welcome to the Dreams and Visions Training Program!

A Warm Welcome to the Dreams and Visions Course!

Lesson 01 - The Healing, Purging, and Garbage Dreams

One of the biggest mistakes that everyone makes with dreams is thinking that every single dream you have needs an interpretation. Learn, in this lesson, the important skill of how to tell the difference between the dreams that you can toss out with yesterday?s trash, to the ones you really should to pay attention to!

Lesson 02 - The 3 Categories of Prophetic Dreams

Everyone wants to know what the Lord is saying through their dreams. In this lesson, learn the 3 types of dreams that only believers can have, and hear the Lord?s special message to you through your dream.

Lesson 03 - Cars, Boats, and Airplanes

What does it mean when you dream about a car? Or dream of going on a huge boat somewhere? In this lesson, you will get to take a closer look at a couple of the most common symbols found in dreams, and to understand what it can mean for you personally.

Lesson 04 - Character Specific and Universal Symbols

In previous lessons, you have learned that everything and everyone in your dreams are rarely what they seem, because they are actually symbols to be interpreted. Now in this lesson, you are going to start taking a closer look at how to interpret and understand these symbols in context of the kinds of dreams they appear in.

Lesson 05 - What People Close to You Symbolize

What does is mean when your mother shows up in your dream? Or your Aunt Millie, or your grandfather that passed last year? This lesson will reveal what the people close to you symbolize when you dream of them.

Lesson 06 - Babies and Children

Whether you love babies or could do very well without them, this symbol is one that is very positive, and can mean some exciting things. Learn in this lesson how babies (and children) can represent new beginnings and even new ministry opportunities when you dream of them.

Lesson 07 - Deception in Revelations

Deception. No one wants to admit it when they fall into it, however, this is such an important subject to take a close look at when approaching dreams, or any other revelation. Get the insight and clarity in this lesson to recognize the signs of when something is of the Lord?or not!

Lesson 08 - Satanic Attacks in Dreams

As the Lord can speak to us through dreams, so the enemy can try to rattle us through a type of dream that everyone has had at one time or another, nightmares. In this lesson, learn how to recognize all the signs of how the enemy can attack you through dreams, and how to stop him in his tracks.

Lesson 09 - Visions - Your Secret Conversation with God

Dreams are actually one of the ways for us to hear the voice of our loving Father. But He has also given us a way to hear Him when we are awake? through visions! Discover how to fully understand and flow in this powerful way to hear the Lord.

Lesson 10 - Interpreting for Others

Now that you have learned quite a bit from these lessons, and have applied these principles to your own dreams, it is now time to step out and begin interpreting dreams for others. This lesson will give you some tools to step out in confidence to interpret dreams and bless others doing so.