School Lectures For Practical Courses - Spiritual Warfare Training Program

Welcome to the Spiritual Warfare Training Program!

A Warm Welcome to the Spiritual Warfare Training Program!

Lesson 01 - That's Not Normal

When something bad happens, we can easily recognize the hand of the enemy in it. However, what about the things that are not so obvious? There is so much we accept as "normal" that you don't walk in the fullness of the Lord's blessing! Learn in this lesson how to not accept anything less than all that the Lord has for you.

Lesson 02 - How Curses are Established

All of the misfortune that happens consistently in your life doesn?t just happen "out of the blue." They are the result of curses! Learn in this lesson how to recognize these curses started and how to uproot them.

Lesson 03 - Tackling Generational Curses

Just like you inherit your hair color, the shape of your nose, and sometimes even certain personality traits from your family, you can also inherit curses that began in your family generations back that have been passed along as well. Learn how to recognize and break free from these generational curses and pass down blessing and favor.

Lesson 04 - Dealing With Leaven - Curses Through Association

Have you every eaten something that was off at a party or family gathering, and everyone who consumed that dish got sick? That is the same with leaven. When people partake of the same sin through association, everyone gets sick. Learn in this lesson how to still open your heart to pour out to others, but not share in their sin.

Lesson 05 - Curses - When YOU are the Originator

Sin. It is in all of us and it is not something that is pleasant to look at in yourself, but when you come face-to-face with it, you have the chance to truly break free of the bondages that have been holding you back. Learn in this lesson the steps to taking hold of the freedom that Calvary bought for you!

Lesson 06 - Spiritual Warfare - Designed to Take you Out

Curses are a result of your own personal sin and are internal, but when the enemy attacks you externally, he is trying really hard to get you off track and take you down. In this lesson, learn what it means to engage in true spiritual warfare. Pay attention, because it may not look like what you are imagining.

Lesson 07 - How Strongholds are Established

Scripture talks about how the weapons of our warfare has the ability to tear down demonic strongholds, but what exactly is a stronghold and how does it affect your life? Let this lesson open your eyes to how the enemy?s strongholds were built in your life and learn how to take them down.

Lesson 08 - Time to Build a New Stronghold

Once you have learned to tear down what is of the enemy, it is time to learn how to build a strongholds of the Lord in your life. In this lesson, you will learn to build strongholds of faith, hope and love in every area of your life.

Lesson 09 - Spiritual Warfare - The Rules of Engagement

These lessons are giving you the tools to uproot and demolish the influence of the enemy in your life. Now it is time to learn how to do that on a bigger playing field. In this lesson, you will learn about how the enemy has set up systems in the world to keep countries and nations in bondage, and to also recognize the authority the Lord has given you to take them down.

Lesson 10 - How to Make the World Systems Serve You

This is the lesson where you see past the "way things are" and stand up to start changing things for the Kingdom. You are beginning to see how the enemy has set up this world to support his agenda. Now learn how to stand up to take down and displace those of the enemy and begin establishing the systems of the Lord.

Lesson 11 - Rules of Engagment

Instead of fighting the little guys that there are a million of and that just serve to tire you out, in this lesson, learn to go to the top of the food chain and get some results. This is no time to be intimidated, but learn in this lesson how to stand in the authority the Lord has given you, and engage in spiritual warfare at the highest levels.

Lesson 12 - Bind That Rebellious Circumstance

It is easy when problems arise to kick into a mode of just trying to fix everything that is going wrong, however have you ever considered that the enemy is just trying to get you flustered and off your game? You do NOT have to accept things as they are. Learn in this lesson how to call every circumstance that is being rebellious to the Word of God in line and into your favor.

Lesson 13 - Warfare Through Spiritual Parenting

There are so many of blockages and hinderances that have come from having less-than-perfect parents and mentors over the course of your life. However, the Lord has provided a way to not just overcome these hinderances, but to establish ways of thinking and being that are in line with each and every promise that the Lord has given you. Learn about how essential spiritual parenting is to you personally, and to the body of Christ.

Lesson 14 - Building a City That Remains

Now that you have learned to fight and to take down the structures of the enemy, it is time that you truly begin to take the land and build the "city on a hill" that the Lord intends the Church to be. Learn in this lesson the steps to build something that will remain for the ages to come.