School Lectures For Practical Courses - Mentorship Secrets

Lesson 01 - Mentorship vs. Spiritual Parenting

We have all heard the words "spiritual parent" or "mentor" at one point or another and often the two are used interchangeably, but should they be? In this lesson Jessica Toach will break it down for you in simple 1-2-3 steps and you will know the difference between the two in no time!

Lesson 02 - Discipleship 101 - How to Be a Disciple

In this lesson, learn to see and overcome your greatest challenge to receive everything the Lord wants to give you through a mentor, and be reminded that it is His hand that is shaping you to get you one step closer to the vessel He desires you to be.

Lesson 03 - What You Have to Offer

When it comes to the subject of mentorship, we either shy away, or overstep in our estimation of what we have. In this lesson, learn to recognize what the Lord has given you to bless and equip His people.

Lesson 04 - Prophetic Mentorship

Let us get one thing straight - there is a difference between prophetic mentorship and normal mentorship - and this lesson will teach you why.

Lesson 05 - How to Begin a Mentorship Relationship

A mentorship relationship must start somewhere, and now it is time to learn just exactly how you go about doing that because how you start this relationship will set the pace for the rest of the process.

Lesson 06 - How to Get People to Admire You

As a mentor, you need people to WANT to receive from you! This lesson will give you the key to acquire this important quality and help you be more effective for your disciples to get everything the Lord desires for them through you!

Lesson 07 - Laying Out the Ground Rules

This lesson will teach you about setting some ground rules. You may think that setting rules will be restricting, but you will learn how much security and clarity you and your disciples will experience with this simple but important principle.

Lesson 08 - Don't Eat the Sheep

In this lesson, learn one of the dangers of the mentorship relationship that can always get you off your game, and how to keep your eyes and focus where it should always be, on Jesus!

Lesson 09 - Parables, Problems and Projects

In the mentoring process, it is important to give your disciple some pictures to help them understand the problems they are facing and projects to help them overcome those problems. Learn this essential skill to help your disciples get the tools they need in order to succeed and go through the mentorship process correctly.

Lesson 10 - Chiseling Vs. Correction

Chiseling and Correction - two actions that are essential to the mentoring process, but often get confused in the application. Learn how to apply both in the right time to help your disciple grow and succeed.

Lesson 11 - Engagement Protocols

In this lesson, learn how to recognize the telltale signs and the protocol to follow to make any decision of when to, or when not, to engage your disciple with wisdom, and most importantly, in peace.

Lesson 12 - Know When to Let Go

The mentorship relationship can go very deep, and this is why it is important that you understand just how deep. This is also why it is so vital that you cut ties correctly. When you do, both you and your disciple can move forward to see the reward and fruit of your time together.

Multiple Choice Lesson Answers

How well do you know mentorship? Check to see how you did for the multiple choice answers for this course!