School Lectures For Fivefold Courses - Fivefold Ministry

Welcome to the Fivefold Ministry Course!

A Warm Welcome to the Fivefold Ministry Course!

Lesson 01 - The Evangelistic Purpose

The Evangelist is called to minister to the church, to inspire the saved to reach the lost, to rise up to ignite that fire through decree, impartation and above all... by maintaining his own unquenchable fire!

Lesson 02 - The Pastor - A Servant of All

A Pastor is called to be a servant of all, so that He might raise up other servants who would serve and bless the Body of Christ!

Lesson 03 - Signs of Teaching Calling

Are you called to be a teacher? Find out what a teacher is and what a teacher is not.

Lesson 04 - The Prophetic Mandate

The main function of the Prophet in the local church is to teach the people of God how to hear the voice of the Lord!

Lesson 05 - A Day in the Life of an Apostle

You want to be an Apostle? You might have the passion, the dreams and the desires, but without the living experience and the ability to relate to anyone on any level, you will not make a very good leader at all.

Lesson 06 - The Correct Pattern

The concept of mentorship and apostolic fatherhood has been hidden to the church for a long time and now as it is being resurrected, what exactly does it mean?

Lesson 07 - Preparation vs. Curses

No all circumtances you face are from God. Learn to identify the curses that the devil throws at you and how to walk in the blessing that God has intended for you.

Lesson 08 - Focus your Vision

Are you feeling discouraged? Do you see everything that is going wrong? Get a new perspective by developing an other-orientation and see your percetpion change as your heart changes.

Lesson 09 - The Test of True Leadership

How do you discern who is a true God ordained leader and who is not? Are you a rose that when squeezed, you let off the fragrance of sweet perfume? Only when the pressures come will you find the answer to this question.

Lesson 10 - The Power in Being Glorified

Sometimes you can get so preoccupied with death to the flesh, that you forget that real change will come to your life and your ministry when you can learn to walk in resurrection. You will find that the anointing and power that you are looking for does not come on the cross but in it.

Lesson 11 - Your First Love

Do you really want to know what is the thing that is highest on God's agenda in doing His work? The answer is simple - He wants YOU!

Lesson 12 - A Piece of the Pattern

Now each person is at a different stage of this sorting and changing. And perhaps you cannot even see right now which part of the body you are meant to be fitting into. So the most important thing for you to do is to allow the Lord to work on one piece at a time.

Lesson 13 - So You Wanna be an Apostle?

Apostles are not being called because of their strengths and accomplishments, but because of their hearts and willingness to stand in the fire. Yet as the time comes when he finally stands in office, only then does he truly understand the full price of his calling.

Lesson 14 - Point of Weakness

Your point of weakness is where you would just not rather be. Yet if you are called to minister for the Lord, then you are going to discover a shocking reality: It is the place that the Lord will use you most to minister in!

Lesson 15 - The Truth about Mentorship

Mentorship is about being a good steward. When you mentor someone you pour into them all that is within your own heart. Before you can even look at mentoring others, all these things need to be addressed in you first.

Lesson 16 - The Pastor-Teacher: From the Milk to the Meat

A pastor-teacher has the same task in the church. They are called to be a mother in the body of Christ. They are the kind of leader that sees how the people around them are doing and then takes care of their needs. He is also able to give them the right food and the right help at the right time.

Lesson 17 - The Price of Being a Fivefold Minister

We all face things every day that cause you to react in some way and you need help to overcome the issues and trails. And that is why the fivefold ministry was sent in place - for the maturing and perfecting of the saints. There are people's lives at stake and you are the answer to their prayer.