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Welcome to the Apostolic Network Course

A Warm Welcome to the Apostolic Network Course!

Lesson 01 - Signs of Apostolic Calling Checklist

The Apostle is often the most misunderstood of all the fivefold, however, in this lesson you will learn some of the signs of an apostolic call, and recognize some important landmarks in your journey if the Lord has truly called YOU to walk this tough but exciting road.

Lesson 02 - Apostolic Symbols

When you start digging through teachings on the apostolic calling, you may encounter so many different symbols that it may be a bit confusing to sort through. In this lesson, learn a bit more about what some of these symbols are, and what they may mean for you.

Lesson 03 - What an Apostle Does

Many people have their own idea of what an apostle is, but in this lesson, you will get to find out what exactly an apostle DOES. You may be surprised to learn that church planting is not one of his functions!

Lesson 04 - Who Calls the Apostle?

When the Lord Jesus called His disciples, He did it personally. The Lord still does that when He calls His apostles today. In this lesson, learn how the Lord calls, and identify with confidence, your apostolic call.

Lesson 05 - The Servant of All

If you desire to get to the highest office in the Kingdom, then you will need to start at bottom? as a servant. Apostle Paul went as far as to call himself ?a slave of Christ Jesus.? Pick up this most important principle that will guarantee your success in your apostolic journey?becoming a servant of all.

Lesson 06 - Secret Training

You may know that you are called, but if you feel like you have been stuck in the backside of the desert, don?t get discouraged. Realize that you are actually being prepared for your call. In this lesson, learn to recognize the hand of the Lord in all your circumstances and learn everything you can in your time in obscurity.

Lesson 07 - Nothing Comes Easy

The Apostolic calling does not come for free and every step you make forward comes with a price. Get used to the fact that nothing will come easy, and in this lesson find out how you can let every obstacle and problem push you toward excellence.

Lesson 08 - The RC Factor

If there is only one thing constant about the apostolic call, is that it is inconsistent! Learn how the Lord has fashioned you to change directions on a dime, but realize that the rest of the body doesn?t change, nor want to change, all that easily. Recognise that this ?resistance to change? is in everyone, including yourself, and let the Lord challenge you to step out of your own comfort zone before expecting it of others.

Lesson 09 - Climbing the Mountain

There are many times in your apostolic journey that you may find yourself under constant pressure, however know that may very well be your call to ?climb the mountain.? This is the call to the mountaintop to hear the Lord and receive another piece of the pattern that He wants to give you. Learn in this lesson what call to climb looks like and how important it is to your call.

Lesson 10 - The Price of the Apostolic Calling

The apostolic walk is not one of glory and accolades, but of the willingness to constantly pay the price to pave the way for the body of Christ. No one in their right mind would do this, except for the ones that burn to see the Church rise up, and to see the Bride be without spot or wrinkle. Learn in this final lesson about the true cost of the apostolic call, and why the fire in you compels you to run this race with passion, no matter the price!