School Lectures For Prophetic Module 2 - Prophetic Warfare

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Additional Materials Needed

Prophetic Warfare Student Kit + Books

1. Prophetic Warfare 101

Time to understand the enemy before you. You are not here just to say a prayer or two, but you are here to wield your sword and cut down the enemy.

2. Satan's Battlefield

Satan has a favorite playground he likes you pull you onto to try and attack you - your mind.

3. How Satan Gains License Through You

The enemy cannot just attack you for no reason, so you must identify where the open door is that he is using to cause havoc in your life.

4. How Satan Gains License Through Others (Dealing with Curses)

A door to the enemy can be opened through someone else when you create a tie between the two of you. Identify where those ties are and learn how to break free.

5. Our Position in Christ

No more just “accepting” the attacks of the enemy, but now it is time to take your place as a king’s kid and stand in the authority that position comes with.

6. Taking Away Satan's Power

Take away satan’s power over you and take up your sword of warfare to remove the chains of the enemy that are holding you back.

7. Using the Word as a weapon in spiritual warfare

The scriptures tell us that Word of God is the sword that will separate the bone and the marrow. It is time, prophet of God, that you learn to use this sharp blade effectively.

8. Strategies in Spiritual Warfare

No battle or war was ever won without a good battle strategy. It is the same with spiritual warfare — build your spiritual warfare strategy against the enemy.

9. Using every aspect of your Spiritual Armor

Put on the armor of God and charge into battle. You are fighting a war and you have many pieces of armor that will protect you as well as help you to fight this battle you are facing.

10. How to Handle Demon Manifestations Correctly

Knowing if the person is a believer or an unbeliever changes the strategy you use to handle a manifesting demon. Help God’s people break free — the right way.

11. The Do's and Don'ts of Bringing Victory

What you should and should not remember to do during a time of ministry with someone. Bring the victory the people need the way God wants them to receive it.

12. Prophetic Deception (Part of your Training)

Prophet, welcome to puberty. Prophetic deception is a phase every prophet must face in order to take their next steps towards maturity, so do not fear it, embrace it, see it and allow the Lord to bring it to your attention.

13.Avoiding Deception

Deception does not just sneak up on you or just “happen.” There are certain clear signs to identifying it in yourself and in the lives of others.

14. Picking Up Your Sword Again

Pick up your sword and do not allow the enemy to overcome you. Rise up, prophet of God, pick up your sword and use the weapons of warfare at your disposal to take back your land that the enemy has stolen from you.