School Lectures For Prophetic Module 2 - Prophetic Operations

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1. Different Ways of Hearing God's Voice

Because you are a prophet, God is not limited to speaking to you through dreams and visions. He wants to speak to you through every avenue so that you know He is always with you.

2. The Urim and Thummim, Dreams & Visions

The “yes” or “no” of the spirit combined with your dreams and visions will give you the wisdom of how to minister effectively and at the right time.

3. Tongues and Utterance

You may know how to speak the language of the spirit, but you need to know how to bring what you have spoken forth in the spirit, down to earth.

4. Prophecy. Its various forms and applications

Prophecy can be used in many different ways. Do not limit the hand of God because He has so many more ways He wishes to use you to speak to His people.

5. Journaling and the 'still small voice'

Time to sit down and listen to the small, still voice of the Lord whispering to you as the He gives you direction, correction, and encouragement.

6. The Prophetic Anointing

The prophetic anointing is very different from anything you have experienced. It is unique, and rather than a roaring fire or rushing wind, it is a soothing river that fills you up and quenches your thirst.

7. Internal vs. External Anointing

The internal anointing is like the bubbling brook within, and the external, the gushing waterfall from without. Time to understand these two aspects of your walk.

8. Prophetic Intercession

Intercession is the heart of the prophet. Time to discover what it really means to intercede at the right hand of the Father..

9. Using Petitionary Prayer in its correct context.

Bringing your needs before the Lord is great, but you must now put the power that rose Christ from the dead behind your prayers and plant the seeds you need to bring those needs to fulfillment..

10. Prophetic Decree

To decree is to bring that which is in heaven down to earth. You have within you the power to bring heaven to earth and bring about change in this world.

11. Prophetic Music

The heart of every prophet is that of David and Miriam, ones who dance and sing with abandon in worship of the loving Savior. Discover the power behind this heart of yours.

12. Smashing Musical mindsets.

You do not realize it, but you are stuck in a box by what you believe is anointed worship and what is not. It is time to allow the Lord to choose and show you what He has anointed and what He has not.

13. Releasing Anointing In Praise and Worship.

The anointing within you is a force that can be used to bring the presence of Jesus into any meeting. To help others to enter into that intimate relationship with Him, you must learn to release this force.

14. The Throne Room of God. Prophetic Maturity

Your maturity comes when you have learned how to stand in the throne room of the Father and speak with Him, rather than standing at the other end of the hall preaching up a storm on your own.