School Lectures For Prophetic Module 2 - Prophetic Office

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1. Prophetic Ministry versus Prophetic Office

The level of authority you flow in will determine whether you are a prophet in Office or in prophetic ministry. Both are equally as important, but each one has a different use in the body of Christ.

2. The Prophetic Child

Called from their mother’s womb to be king’s kid, these mighty warriors have been prepared and chosen from birth to rise up as mighty warriors, tear down strongholds of the enemy, and to walk out a path know only to God.

3. Marriage and Your Prophetic Ministry

Your marriage is a vital part of your prophetic ministry, more so than you realize, and this will determine if you are ready to walk out the full Office of a Prophet.

4. The Prophet in the Local Church

Called to the local church? There is no shame in this calling because God has picked you to find the hidden warriors within the church and prepare them for the call on their lives.

5. The Prophet in the Universal Church

The weight of the world lies upon your shoulders. God has called you to change this world and you must give up everything that you consider “home” and comfortable to become all things to all men.

6. The Prophetic Key

The prophetic key is not just a sign of prophetic office, but an authority that God bestows upon you when He feels you are ready to wield this mighty weapon.

7. When and Why You Receive the Prophetic Key

Receiving the prophetic key is a sign of maturity that you will be given when you have reached prophetic maturity and you carry the weight of the Church upon your shoulders.

8. Prophetic Rejection

Understanding how your prophetic rejection has shaped you will give you the final edge to your blade that will tear down the kingdom of darkness.

9. Using Prophetic Rejection

Use the prophetic rejection, not for the joy of the enemy, but the glorification of Christ and become the prophet God has called you to be.

10. Using the Prophetic Anointing

You know what the prophetic anointing is, but now you must know how to use it and touch the hearts of God’s people.

11. Ministering to Others Using the Anointing

Use the prophetic anointing to minister to God’s people to bring healing, conviction, correction, and to build them up for the good work of Christ.

12. Counseling Prophetically

As a prophet, you have a unique way of hearing God, which means you have a unique way of counselling God's people by telling them what God wants.