School Lectures For Prophetic Module 1 - Practical Prophetic Ministry

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1. Prophets are DIFFERENT!

Prophets are different because we are meant to be and this partly why we face so much rejection. Time to see what that “different" entails.

2. The Signs: Confirm your Prophetic Call.

“Am I really called to be a prophet?” This question comes up often, but the answer lies in the ten signs of a prophet that will truly set the record straight.

3. Ministering to Others

Using visions and dream interpretation to reach God’s people was the tip of the iceberg. It is time to go deeper and truly get to the core of what is holding God’s people back.

4. The Power of Tongues

Tongues, you know it as the language of the spirit, but it is also your sword, your anointing oil, and your building blocks. Unleash the power you hold in your tongue.

5. Operating in all the Prophetic Gifts

The prophetic gifts are a small part of who you are, but a part of you nonetheless, and they are your tools to becoming who God has called you to be.

6. Urim and Thummim and Journaling

Visions and dreams are an easy way to understand the voice of the Lord, but there are so many other ways God wants to speak to you. It is time you learned a few of them.

7. How to judge any revelation by the Word and Spirit

Revelation is a part of how we minister as prophets, so you need to be sure that what you are sharing or receiving is truly of God, and this is how.

8. Learning when to stand up or shut up!

There will be times you need to be quiet and allow the Lord to work and times He will need you to stand up and speak out. Sometimes though, it is hard to tell which one is required. Discover the right moment to speak and when to be quiet.

9. The Face-to-Face relationship with Jesus

Your relationship defines you as a prophet because you are HIS prophet and you cannot move on until you have this face-to-face relationship with Him.

10. Entering the Secret Place

Your time with God is now. It is time to find your secret place where you can truly be REAL and open with your loving savior - Jesus Christ.

11. Passing through Preparation FAST!

Training can only begin after you have received all that you have needed during your preparation phase, so let us make sure you have gotten everything you needed to.

12. Death of a Vision

Sometimes we have such grand dreams, plans, and aspirations for ministry, but we are not ready or it is not what God had planned for us so you must lay aside your vision.

13. Death, Resurrection and Glorification!

Death, Resurrection and Glorification!

Death is a part of a prophet’s walk, but they do not remain in the grave, they must resurrect so that God may receive the glory.