School Lectures For Module 1 - Todays Apostle

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Lesson 1: What's in You to Do!

You, apostle, are the orchestrator of God's work, and your band is the fivefold ministry. You are called to lead them into harmony with the instruments and gifts that God has given them. For it is your job to bring this band into line and find a place for each one. Discover your role as the apostle and learn what course of action you need to take for those around you!

Lesson 2: Taking the Next Step. Called, Set Apart and Commissioned

Let's remove the veil that says, “Well, I didn't know or realize that this is what God wants from me". After this video, you will know where the Lord is leading you. The choices you make from this moment, realize that, as you make those choices, those steps are going to lead you to a future of a certain making. You are called, set apart, and you have been commissioned.

Lesson 3: Apostolic Leadership - Dumping The Church

The Church is in desperate need of leadership! God is arranging your circumstances so that you can become the leader that can lead this generation to where God needs it to be. What is the purpose of this pressure, and why does it seem that anything and everything is against you? It is so that you might become the source and answer that the Church is crying out for. Identify your pressure and recognize the purpose of it all!

Lesson 4: Apostolic Structure and Organization

God has a very specific timetable for you to follow and although you have many different facets to your call, what does God want you to focus on right now? It is time for you to get focused and organized because God is going to use you to structure His church! Are there issues that need to be solved? Yes! Are there demons that need to be cast out? You bet! But, is that what God wants you to focus on at the moment, or is it a distraction?

Lesson 5: Jesus the Originator of Who You Are!

It requires more than a hint or a suggestion to confirm your apostolic call. It takes the originator of your call to come and give you an encounter where He invites you into this incredible role in the body of Christ. The vision, the mandate, and the journey is birthed in that moment. From that point on, it is clear that God indeed called you as His apostle.

Lesson 6: DNA Borne from The Process

As an apostle, your mandate is unique! The kind of mandate that God has given you dictates the pressure He is going to use to birth your apostolic DNA. By the time you are finished with this process, you are so unique in your delivery, your expression, and your anointing, and you are beautifully made by the Lord.

Lesson 7: Phases of Apostolic Evolution Once in Office

The apostle never arrives! Your mandate and vision is always changing. As soon as you get comfortable... the Lord shifts you again. As a result, you are always evolving! In this lesson, you are going to learn all about the five landmarks you can expect to pass on your apostolic journey again and again.