School Lectures For Module 1 - Apostolic Mandate

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Lesson 1: Your Identity as an Apostle

Apostle Paul was in the middle of persecuting the Christians, when God called him to be set apart to do His will. In fact, God had separated Paul to serve Him already in his mother?s womb. When it was the most inconvenient, the Lord came with His power and put him onto the apostolic road. Identify your road to Damascus experience and pick up the mandate God has groomed you for all your life.

Lesson 2: Apostolic Ministry and Marriage

As the requirement for being a deacon in the Word is to be beyond reproach, for an apostle it is doubly so. Marriage is one of the Lord’s greatest gifts and is a powerful weapon against the enemy when a husband and wife stand together in unity. Discover and embrace the process the Lord will inevitably take you through to set in you a sure foundation in every aspect of your marriage to ensure your success in your apostolic journey.

Lesson 3: Restoration of Spiritual Parenting

You are called to be someone who undertakes a journey into the desert to find a cup of water. Then, when you finally find this cup of water, God calls on you to hand it to someone else who reached out in faith for that cup. That is the reality of the apostolic walk and mandate. See it. Embrace it and start making an impact on the Church of God.

Lesson 4: Prophets and Apostles - Making it Work

It is for the apostle to have the structure and pattern to create an environment for the prophets to flourish. Learn to identify your place and be able to recognize which ones in your team need more training and which ones are your “Timothys” that you can pour into. See the difference between ministry and leadership and how to work together with your prophets to build the foundation the Lord has called you to build.

Lesson 5: Establishing the Blueprint: Your Mandate

As an apostle, the Lord has truly called you to do something impossible. Your office is not to be fulfilled by human hands and does not rely on what you can do, what you have seen, or what you have accomplished but by the power of the Holy Spirit. What vision has the Lord given you? Are you the vessel that can accomplish this vision? Learn in this lesson about the mandate that has been engraved on your heart, that the Lord has called you to accomplish, and the reality of what that will actually entail.

Lesson 6: The Proof of Your Call

Recognize the shaking in your vision when God brings it and shake with it. From the day you were conceived, God has been busy forming you into a gift to His Church. As you walk this journey, you will encounter times in which your vision will need to evolve because God's people require a different gift. Learn how to recognize the symptoms of when God is calling you to evolve, and then be open and pliable in His hands to go through the change. You are a vessel of gold and a vessel of honor. Let the potter form you as you are needed to be formed.

Lesson 7: Driving the Vision Forward

Learn the practical steps of establishing a structure that will last for generations to come. As an apostle, the Lord has called you to establish a work that will remain for generations to come. In this lesson, you will learn how to do this practically and leave a mark on the body of Christ even long after you have moved on.

Lesson 8: Apostolic Teams

God called Moses to climb the mountain a few times. Yet, the children of Israel needed to continue as if he was still there. Moses put a team in place who would be able to run things while He was pursuing God up on the mountain. If you are going to establish the work God is calling you to, you need Aaron and Miriam at your side, who will build on the structure you have given. You need Joshua to be prepared to go and prepare the land. In other words, you need a team. Learn the importance of assembling your team and working together towards the prize of the high calling in Christ Jesus.

Lesson 9: Apostolic Types

Identify your apostolic type and where God has you right now. Each Apostle is given a mandate from God to accomplish a specific task in equipping the saints. Based on the walk the apostles we read about in the Scriptures walked their journey, we have identified 6 different types. Learn how to identify which type is you and receive the tools you need to fulfill your God given mandate.

Lesson 10: Fulfilling the Apostolic Function

The door has been opened before you, and the road is ahead. Pick up each tool and change the Church. This final lesson will bring everything you have learned, lived and put on the altar, together into a complete picture. God is raising you up for such a time as this to see rivers flow in the wilderness and roads established where there are no roads. Receive the power, anointing, and clarity you need to start making the Church a city set on a hill.